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Home - ABA league 2016-17 Finals

watch euroleague basketball live

   ABA league 2016-17 Finals

April 14, 2017 - Zvezda again crowned as ABA League champions

crvena zvezda mts
Crvena zvezda mts have celebrated on the road in Zagreb against Cedevita in the third game of the ABA League Finals, swept the series and became the best team of the regional club basketball for the third time in a row. Deon Thompson was the most efficient in the red and white squad. He led Zvezda in scoring with 14 points, 4 rebound, 2 assists and a steal and an overall valuation of 24. Read more here.

April 13, 2017 - Game 3

The ABA League Finals are moving to Zagreb, where game three will take place. Crvena zvezda mts need only one more victory to claim the trophy, while Cedevita desperately need to win to stay in the game. In the opening two games, Crvena zvezda mts, the dominant force of this season so far, did not disappoint their fans, as they have won both clashes in Belgrade and defended the home court advantage. Now, Cedevita have to do the same in Dom sportova, in case they wish to keep their chances of claiming their first ever ABA League trophy, since the red and white lack only one victory in order to claim the back to back champions' honours. Read more here.

Cedevita - Crvena zvezda mts 61-77

April 11, 2017 - Game 2

The 2016-17 ABA League Finals continue this evening with another game in Belgrade. There is no rest for the best! Crvena zvezda mts will host Cedevita this evening in Game 2 of the 2016/17 ABA League Finals. The red & white squad have taken the lead in this series after winning Game 1 by 81:66, while today they will try to double that lead and to come just one step away from winning the championship. On the other side, Cedevita missed their first opportunity of making a precious break, but they will have another chance this evening. Do not forget that after this game, the series is moving to Zagreb. Both sides will once again be without some important players due to injuries. Crvena zvezda mts won't be able to count on Stefan Jović, while Cedevita will definitely be without Marko Arapović. We are about to see if Ryan Boatright will recover in time to help the visitors in Game 2. Read more here.

Crvena zvezda mts - Cedevita 84-73

April 10, 2017 - Game 1

The final chapter of 2016/17 ABA League season is about to begin. Crvena zvezda mts vs. Cedevita... Only one can be the champion. The rules are quite simple. Whoever scores 3 wins will become the 2016/17 ABA League champion. Crvena zvezda mts will have a home court advantage, as they finished the regular season at the 1st place on the standings. Therefore the final series will start from Belgrade. Every single game so far in the ABA League Playoffs has been played in front of packed stands, so expect another full house on Monday evening. The fans of Crvena zvezda mts will most probably fill Aleksandar Nikolić Sports Hall to the very last seat and you all know how big advantage will that be for the home team. Read more here.

Crvena zvezda mts - Cedevita 81-66

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