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  About World of Basketball

There are very many purposes for starting this web site. As a Basketball coach in last 18 years I had been searching for a Web Site like this, where I can find a lot of useful informations about Basketball, including history details, basic Basketball rules, about world leagues and competitions, informations about National Federations, Tournaments, Sport Agencies, etc.

Idea is to give you a lot of informations which can be used in different ways. For educators (School teachers and coaches), here is the place where you can find many informations to present to you classes and teams. For professionals (coaches, players), place where you can find sport agency to help you find a player/team. You will also be informed about Basketball tournaments in your area. For young people (pupils, players), place to learn about Basketball rules, about Famous players, coaches, refeeres in "Hall of Fame" section. For students, place where you can find material for your essays, seminars. For Basketball teams, place to put Banner or links to your web page, and help others to find a way to you. For people who owns other Basketball related sites, join Banner or links exchange system. You can also advertise your business on our site.

So, as you can see dear visitors, purpose to make this Web site is to be interested to all groups, it doesn't matter how old are you, what gender are you, where are you coming from.

Please, spread a word about this new project and help us to grow.

We would like to invite all of you, journalists, basketball enthusiasts, fans, players, coaches to write for us.
Since we are non-profit web site, we cannot pay for writings, but at least we will promote your articles and writings. Every article will be signed by writers name and we will publish additional requested information about writers (e-mail address, contact phone, photo.).
At this moment we need writers to cover all main domestic leagues around Europe, but World as well. Also, we need someone to cover all happenings in EuroLeague, EuroCup, NLB League and NBA. Of course, all other competitions are very welcome. You can also choose topics about what you would like to write (specific teams, players, coaches, tournaments). It is only important that all articles are written in English language.
This is good opportunity to all young journalists, writers without big experience to publish your articles and be seen by others.
If you are interested, please Contact Us.

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