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Home - Attacking 1-3-1 Half Court Trap

  Attacking 1-3-1 Half Court Trap

This half court press attack offense works great against those half court zone traps.
It is a simple offense to run with a few options for attacking the trapping defense.

Player 01 brings the ball up the court.
Players 05 and 02 buddy up at the top of the key.
Player 04 is at weak side corner and 03 at wing.

These are the options for getting the first pass against half court 1-3-1 defense.
Player 02 begins the play by flashing up to the half court line looking for the pass.
At same time 03 cuts to the ball side corner.
If players 02 and 03 can not get the ball then 05 pops out to get the pass from 01.
Remember, this is against a trap defense that is wanting to trap in the corners immediately once you cross the line.

Option 1
If Player 02 gets the pass from 01.
Here is a simple offense that my help you.
Player 04 cuts opposite low post.
03 cuts baseline to the ball side corner to get the pass from 02 for a shot.
Player 05 cuts to low post asking for ball.

Option 2
If 03 gets the ball.
Player 01 cuts opposite corner.
Player 05 cuts to the ball side low post.
Player 04 flashes to the ball side elbow.
03 can pass to 05 at low post or passes to 04 at elbow.
04 looks for 05 inside the lane or 01 at corner for a shot.
Simple and good.

Option 3
If players 02 and 03 are not able to get the first pass then player 05 pops out to get the pass from 01.
Player 03 cuts opposite corner.
Player 04 cuts into the lane to looking for ball.
Player 02 breaks to the wing.
Player 05 can feed o4 inside the paint, 03 at corner or 02 at wing.

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