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Home - Attacking a Full Court Zone Press 1-2-1-1

  Attacking a Full Court Zone Press 1-2-1-1

The 1-2-1-1 press is a solid trapping defense that will give your team headaches in your backcourt.  I use this press break to attack the 1-2-1-1 full-court zone press.
Also, you can use this press breaker against 1-2-2 and 2-1-2.  This press breaker is usually very effective and is simple to teach and execute.

First Option.

Player 04 inbounds the ball to 01.
Player 01 quickly looks to pass to 05 at sideline.
Player 05 catches the ball and immediately passes to 03 who flashes down-court.
Player 03 gets the ball and reverses the ball to 05 at low post for a one-on-one to the basket.

This press defense stresses ball pressure right from the inbounding of the ball.
It can be done at any time:  after a score, out of bounds plays, and after a time out.

Here is what the fast break will look like.

Player 04 takes the left lane with 02.
If player 03 cannot get the ball to 05 he then can shoot from the wing or passes to 02 of the top of the key.
Player 02 looks to feed 04 at low post.

Note: This press breaker works well has long has your team works on it every day.

Second Option.
If the inbouder 04 decide to pass to 02 then 03 breaks to the sideline to get the ball from 02.
When 03 gets the ball 01 cuts behind X1 to mid-court to get the pass from 03.
Player 01 pushes the ball down the court looking for 05 or 03 to the hoop.

Remember: Practice everyday for 10 minutes that will help the players to understand the press breaker.

Note: Think of your press break just like your half-court offense. Use principles of cutting, moving without the<BR> ball and finally attacking the middle of the court.

Traditionally, I've always used ball reversal then attack the middle, but this press attack middle is extremely effective at creating fast-break opportunities off of your press break.

Third Option.

If X1 denies the pass to 01 at mid-court then 05 breaks to opposite sideline to get the pass from 03.
Player 04 sprints down the court looking for ball at low post from 05.

Remember: Player 04’s mission is, when he sees 05 gets the ball from 03 at sideline he then has to sprint down the court to look for the ball.

Note: When you beat the press, beat it to score. The press wants to hurry you up. Beat it with poise, but when you have an advantage, then you hurry up. Being pressed is an opportunity to score.

Fourth Option.

If player 05 cannot pass to 04 then hands off the ball to 03 and cuts to the top of the key.
Player 03 dribbles to the wing looking for 04 at low post or 05 at top of the key.
Player 05 can shoot or passes to 04 at low post.

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