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Home - Elmedin Omanic interview

  Elmedin Omanic interview

elmedin omanicWoB: At the beggining we would like to thank you for your time. We know that you are pretty busy, preparation for coming season. Would you please tell us more about your current team?

Coach Omanic: Name of the team is Energa Torun. We have finished last season at 5th place in PLKK. This is team which two seasons ago were on the edge to drop down to lower division, but had a goal to qualify to play-off top 8 teams. After very succesful period with Wisla Krakow where we won 2 Championship titles we have made contact and made a deal about cooperation for two years. After first season in Energa we made respectful results and we have missed PLKK semi-finals tight. Current team roster is significantlly different from last season, because as far as I know we are the only team without foreign players in squad. According to pretty hard financial situation and recesion in sport plans for coming season is not finalized yet. We hope so that we will complete our roster in short time with one quality player from USA as we could try confirm last seasons results or even produce better score.

WoB: It is your fourth season in Poland, what can you tell us about Polish Basketball?

Coach Omanic: If we talk about Polish Basketball, I believe I can say that Women's Polish Basketball is for sure in top European Basketball. The fact is that the best players from WNBA plays for Polish teams. Poland has two teams who compete in Fiba Euroleague and two teams that compete in Fiba Cup. Polish Federation has special rules since we have a lot of foreign players, to protect own interes and domestic players. All this to provide as best as possible results for National teams. In one team who compete in PLKK can be 6 form 12 or 5 from 10 foreign players, but during games it must be two domestic players on the court, and in roster it must be two young players. In Men's competition whole second quarter must play young player. I believe that Men's Basketball getting better and better and their quality we will be able to see during EuroBasket 2009 which is hosted by Poland and it is another one indicator of Basketball quality in this country.

WoB: What's your plans for future? For how long you have an contract with your current club? Any other options at this moment?

Coach Omanic: My contract with Torun will expire at the end of 2009/10 season. At this moment I am just focused on my current team, and after this season I will see what I am going to do.

WoB: Since you are in Poland, do you have an opportuinity to follow things in Bosnian Championship, National team, Federation? What is your opinion about current situation in Bosnian Basketball. They will miss EuroBasket 2009 in Poland, any idea about reasons?

Coach Omanic: Of course, that I am following Bosnian Championships Men's and Women's competition. I can say that I am trying to follow  all happenings in Bosnia and Herzegovina, those connected in sport but also political happenings.
About our national team of course that I have my own opinion but as we used to say "it is easiest to be general just after the battle". There are very many reasons of such poor performance of our National team, but the main reason is in Federation. It is well known who were involved in decisions who will be the coaches of National selections. Now, coaches are under fire. It is also known that Federations have ways, instruments, to show all players who cancelled invitations to play for National team that they can't just do it. My opinion is that Men's National team head coach decided to quit too early with some older and experienced players, but also didn't use full potential of those who were in squad. It is impossible that Mirza Delibasic Arena (famous sports hall in Sarajevo) is empty, beacuse of teams dues. Prices are too high so clubs have to move in much better but cheaper sport hall.
In total, I can say that situation in our country is fatal.

WoB: EuroBasket 2009, your favorites? Prognosis, who will play for medals? Will you find some free time to watch some games live?

Coach Omanic: For sure, there is a very interesting information that there is no free tickets, passes, fiba licenses or anything like that. Anyone who wants to watch games must buy a ticket. I can say that our preparation calender is pretty tight, but we have decided at September 15 to watch 3 games together with my team in place Bydgoszci (50 km from Torun).
I believe that Spain, Lithuania, France and Slovenia have biggest cahnces. But as usual there are always many surprises on tournaments like this one. I would be very glad if Jasmin Repesa could make an suprise and qualify to finals.

WoB: Mister Omanic, thank you for your time. WoB wish you all the best. We hope so that we will have an opportunity to publish all news about your team in coming season.

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