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Home - Full Court Press Break

  Full Court Press Break

December 8, 2013

Against full court pressure defenses, passing is generally the best weapon. However, against full court man-to-man pressure, a strong ball handler maybe the most effective weapon. This press breaker works extremely well against teams that pressure the inbound pass. If your team is struggling to get the ball inbounds, try this play and I can almost guarantee you will see a big difference and reduce turnovers.

Practice, practice - this is how you get your players to understand and execute well during the game.

full court press breakSeattle
This is how the play starts.
Player 4 comes up to screen 1’s defender while player 5 back screen 2’s defender.
Player 1 breaks to the ballside wing and 2 cuts to the baseline.
Player 3, the inbounder, can pass to either 1 or 2.

Note: You can use this play for the last seconds of the game.

full court press break 2Seattle
Big Man Hand-Off
If the ball is denied to both players 1 and 2 then player 5 breaks to the ball to get the inbound pass from 3.
Player 3 steps in toward 5 to get hand-off then dribbles down the court for an easy fast-break opportunity.

Note: Dribble as far as the defense will allow. Avoid double-team by passing before the trap is set.

full court press break 3Seattle
Let's suppose player 3 inbounds to 1.
Player 5 quickly runs down deep sideline.
Player 4 stays in the middle of the court.
Player 2 fills the lane.
Player 3 stays behind the ball as a safety option.

Remember: on the catch by player 1, he immediately looks up to see the whole floor and passes ahead to the open man or drives to the middle of the floor looking for a easy fast break opportunity.
If player 1 gets trapped he then looks to pass to either 4, 5 or reverse to 3. If player 5 gets the ball he will drive all the way to the hoop attacking the basket. If player 4 gets the ball in the middle of the court he then looks for 2 or 5 for a quick break.

full court press break 4Seattle
Here is another way to free your point guard.
Player 4 ball screens against 1’s defender.
Player 1 push the ball down the court to initiate the fast break with 2 and 5.
Player 3 stays behind the ball as a safety valve.

This play creates a 2-on-1 situation when attacking the basket.

full court press break 5Seattle
If player 1 cannot get the inbound pass then player 2 will get the ball.
Player 2 can drive through the middle of the floor or look to pass ahead to 5, 4 or reverse to 3.

Note: Once the ball is inbounded,look up the sideline for an open man, to the middle for a flash post, back for a trailing man.
Dribble if the outlets upcourt are covered.

full court press break 6Seattle
If player 2 cannot advance the ball he then reverse to 3.
Player 4 screens against 3’s defender.
Player 1 flashes to the middle of the court for a possible pass from 3.
Player 5 cuts to the sideline looking for a pass from 3.
Player 2 fills the lane by sprinting down the court.
Player 3 pushes the ball down the court for a fast break.

full court press break 7Seattle
If the ball is denied to 1 then the inbounder passes to 2.
Player 5 ball screens against 2’s defender.
Player 2 advance the ball down the court.
Player 3 stays behind the ball as a safety option.
Player 2 starting the break.

full court press break 8Seattle
Staggered Screen
Here is another option by using the staggered screen to free up player 1.

Remember: every time player 1 gets the ball his mission is to push the ball quickly down the court looking to penetrate for lay-up or kick out for a shot.
Spread your offense as much as possible to make defense cover great deal of the court.

full court press break 9Seattle
Between 4 & 2
Another great option to release your point guard.
This time player 5 starts the play by cutting between 4 and 2 to the ballside.
Player 2 cuts to baseline and player 4 back screen 1’s defender.
Player 3 inbound the ball to 5 and 5 hits 1 for the break.

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