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Home - How to Beat a Full Court Zone Press 2-2-1

  How to Beat a Full Court Zone Press 2-2-1

This is a simple and effective press break to use against 2-2-1.

The play begins with players 01 and 02 breaking opposite directions.
Player 02 cuts toward the ball to the left corner and player 01 cuts opposite to the right corner.
Player 03 inbounds the ball to O2 and steps in to the middle of the box.
Player 02 catches the ball and looks for 04.
Player 04 cuts from the middle of the floor to the sideline to get the pass from 02.

Remember: The inbouder player should never throw in from under the basket. He should use a two-handed pass and be aware that he cannot bounce the ball on the end line.

First Option.
Player 02 passes to 04.
Defender X1 will be distract by looking to 02 passing the ball to 04 and that moment 03 will cut behind X1 to the middle of the floor to get the pass from 04.
Player 03 gets the ball and quickly passes to 05.
Player 05 hands off to 01.
When 01 gets the ball, he attacks the basket, with 04 and 05 filling the lanes.
01 looks to pass, drive, or shoot the ball.

Note: The coach must decide whether to attack immediately or to set the offense and run a play.
Coaches should be prepared to run more than one option to counter different looks and match-ups.

Second Option.
If player 02 cannot pass to 04 then 05 breaks to the top of the key to get the pass from 02.
As you see X1 has to guard 03 and 01 and X4 will attempt to stop 05 from getting the ball.
Player 05 catch the ball and passes to 01 who will be wide open.
Player 01 pushes the ball down the court to baseline to hit 05, the trailer, for lay-up.

Remember: There are always ways to break down the defense if you have good players who can maintain their composure. The best way to beat any press in basketball is always by getting the ball into the middle. Whether it be your best ballhandler dribbling or your tallest player holding the ball over his head, having the ball in the middle of the court frees up many options to advance toward your opponents' basket via a pass or dribble.

Third Option.
If player 02 decides to reverse the ball to 03, then player 01 cuts behind X1 to get the ball.
Player 01 passes to 05.
Player 02 sprints to mid–court to get the pass from 05.
Player 02 dribbles down the court looking to pass to 04 or 05 for lay-up.

Note: No matter the opponent, take time during every practice to work on beating the press. At some point in almost every game, your team will be confronted with a full-court press and your players need to know how to effectively move the ball into the frontcourt.

Fourth Option.
If player 03 cannot pass to 01 then 05 gets the ball at wing.
Player 05 quickly passes to 01.
Player 01 begins the break by dribbling down the court looking for 04 or 05 for lay-up.

Note: Have your players run the press offense without letting the ball hit the floor — no dribbling and all passing.
Remember: You have 10 seconds to get the ball across halfcourt, so there's no need to rush your first pass or two if the defense doesn't have any apparent gaps.

Coach: at the end of practice instead of running sprints, suicides, etc. Use the stopwatch and see how many options the offense can successfully accomplish in a certain amount of time.  Keep your players talking the entire time. This gets them used to communicating with each other so it will come more naturally during games.

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