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NBA Playoffs VS Regular Season: Difference between the regular league games and playoffs

   NBA Playoffs VS Regular Season: Difference between the regular league games and playoffs

September 13, 2022

Image Source: Unsplash

The NBA season is a marathon. It's a gruelling 82-game schedule that stretches from October to April, with playoff games piling on top. The regular season is all about seeding and setting up the playoffs—but these games are different from any other game in the league. This difference can be spotted clearly in the higher stakes in the NBA Finals betting. Here are some ways they differ:

The stakes are higher

The postseason stakes are much higher than the regular season. Because there are fewer games and each one is more important, if you lose, you're out. The NBA Playoffs are also much more exciting than their respective regular seasons. For example, a star player injured yearly may return to play in the playoffs and help his team advance further than they would have without him.

Another difference between the regular season and playoffs is that teams can be quickly eliminated from contention during this period. One bad game out of 82 might get you bounced from contention, while only two or three good ones will keep your team alive for another round or two (or four). It's easy to see why so many people tune in to watch these games because it feels like anything could happen at any moment!

Only the best make it to the playoffs

There are a few differences between the regular season and playoffs.

The most obvious difference is that only the best teams make it to the playoffs, while every team makes it to the regular season. That means you're getting some of your best players playing against each other in this round, while they were all spread out throughout many teams during the regular season. This also means that there's less room for error—while you may have been able to get away with having an off night during your first 82 games, there's no room for that when it comes time for postseason play.
The intensity level is raised significantly as well—you never want to be on a team that goes into "playoff mode" early (i.e., starts coasting after clinching their spot or after making some noise) because then you'll find yourself out of contention before long!

The games come fast and furious

The NBA Playoffs are quite a lot different from the regular season. There's still basketball playing, and it's still your favourite team playing. But there are some differences that you should know about if you're planning to watch playoff games this year.

First off: they come fast and furious! Games are played every other day (or so), so if you miss one of them, then chances are good that it won't be on television again for at least another week or two until the next round is over. Secondly, even though each series comprises seven games between two teams, these games can sometimes be played over just a few days instead of spreading out over a whole week like in baseball or hockey—so you'll need to keep track of which nights specific postseason contests air each week when filling out your calendar with sporting events to catch live from home (unless all four rounds happen on weekends).

The matchups are not the same in both halves of the season

In the regular season, teams have time to prepare for their opponents. They can scout them, study game footage of previous meetings and devise a strategy for defeating them. This isn’t possible in the playoffs because there are fewer days between games—and the matchups differ from the regular season.

The level of competition is higher and more intense in playoff games than in regular season games because teams must win at all costs if they want to go further into postseason play. Some players may also be eager to prove themselves against more vigorous opponents who may have defeated them earlier.

There's a winner, and there's a loser

The winner of the playoffs moves on to the next round, and the loser goes home. In addition, there are two other significant differences between the two leagues: money and attention. The winners receive more money and get more attention than their counterparts in regular season games.

Players and teams have to be at the top of their game both physically and mentally

The first thing to remember is that the playoffs are a different ball game from the regular season. The best players and teams must be at their physical and mental best to succeed, especially during this time of year.

Players must be motivated for these games because they are more intense than any other games in professional basketball. Players must have good team chemistry because it's easier to play together when you know each other's strengths and weaknesses. Teams also need excellent strategies so they will not get surprised by their opponents.


The NBA postseason is a different beast than the regular season. It's not just about watching games on TV or going to the stadium; it's about being there in person and experiencing all that energy. If you're looking for tickets to an upcoming playoff game, check out our website!

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