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NBA Tickets

   NBA Tickets

September 22, 2022


Attending an NBA game is one of the best sporting experiences you can enjoy in the USA. Every basketball fan should see their favourite team, but how to buy tickets, when is it best date to do so?


The NBA season is made up of 82 regular league games + Playoffs (played only by the 16 best teams). The league itself publishes its calendar in August, with the date of each and every game. This makes it much easier to plan our attendance.

Want to see a Celtics-Lakers game? You can buy your plane tickets in advance because the date and time of the game will not be changed by surprise.

The season starts at the end of October and ends at the end of April. From this point on, the playoffs begin. Then the teams from the two conferences, East and West, play each other until the season ends with a winner in the month of June.

This means that depending on the time of year we may or may not be able to see the team from our city or the city we are visiting. It is also important to note that in the summer the league stops completely. However, every team plays 41 home games each year, so it is not difficult to find a date when we can attend.


They can be purchased through multiple websites but sometimes the buying experience is not entirely satisfactory. The company hellotickets is characterised by good customer service and ease during the ticket purchasing process. They have tickets available for all league matches and it is really easy to buy on their website. You can check this link https://www.hellotickets.com/us/sports/nba-tickets


Our recommendation, whether you buy from one site or the other, is that you buy your tickets in advance to avoid last minute surprises. Ticket prices can vary a lot from one day to the next and it is even possible that the match you want to see is sold out if you let time pass.

There is a lot of difference from match to match. Either because our team is not having a good moment and there is little demand for tickets or because we want to see one of the emblematic teams: Warriors, Celtics, Knicks, Lakers... tend to have the most expensive tickets, while teams from smaller cities like Memphis or Milwaukee tend to have much cheaper tickets. The average ticket is around 80-100$.

When we make the purchase, they send us an email with the receipt of the purchase. A few days before the game we will receive an email with the tickets (this is done for security and anti-fraud reasons).

Once we enter the pavilion there are plenty of things to do: watch the players warm up, go to any of the many shops you will find, listen to the national anthem and buy a hot dog... and to top it all off, watch a game in the best basketball league in the world!

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