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  ABA Adriatic league

aba league logo  ABA Official Web page - http://www.abaliga.com
  Passion plus Talent equals NLB League by Alex Milic

 Bosnian teams in the NLB league by Nedim Grabovica

   ABA Adriatic league 2016-17

   Regular Season


   ABA Adriatic league 2015-16

   Regular Season


   ABA Adriatic league 2014-15

   Regular Season


   ABA Adriatic league 2013-14

   Regular Season
   Final Four

   ABA Adriatic league 2012-13

   Regular Season    Final Four

   ABA Adriatic league 2011-12

  Regular Season
  Final Four

   NLB Adriatic league 2010-11

  Regular Season
  Final Four

About ABA Adriatic league

The regional league will start the season as ABA League

The regional basketball league, which grew into one of the most successful basketball organizations under the sponsorship of Nova ljubljanska banka (NLB), will begin the 2011/12 season with the new name ABA League. The new logo is already unveiled too.

Adriatic League, also known as the NLB League as part of the naming rights sponsorship (from 2001 to 2006 known as the Goodyear League), is a top-level basketball league that features teams from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia, all of which are former republics of SFR Yugoslavia. The league is a private venture, founded in 2001 and organized by Slovenian company Sidro d.o.o.

The league exists alongside scaled-down versions of domestic leagues in each country. All of its teams join their country's own competitions in late spring after the Adriatic League season has been finished. The Adriatic Basketball Association, set up by Sidro company, is the body that organizes the league and is a full member of ULEB and a voting member of the Euroleague board, so this league can be considered as a local version of the Europe-wide Euroleague, in which many Adriatic League clubs also compete.

This league has inspired a similar competition in the Baltic states, the Baltic Basketball League or Baltic League.


The league was founded on July 3, 2001 with 12 teams, and started competition in fall 2001. The league had 4 teams from Slovenia, 4 teams from Croatia, 3 teams from Bosnia-Herzegovina, and 1 team from FR Yugoslavia

For the 2002-03 season, the league remained at 12 teams, with one team dropping out and Israeli powerhouse Maccabi Tel Aviv joining.

Maccabi left the league after one season, but the league expanded to 14 teams for 2003-04, and to 16 for 2004-05.

The league reverted to 14 teams for 2005-06. In September 2006 the league signed a general sponsorship contract with Nova ljubljanska banka (NLB) and was renamed to NLB League, whilst keeping Goodyear as one of the major sponsor.


Like most European leagues, the regular season consists of a double round-robin schedule, with each team playing every other team home and away. The top teams in the league then advance to a playoff round to crown the league champion.

From 2002 through 2004, four teams qualified, and the playoffs were termed the "Final Four"; starting in 2005, eight teams advanced to the "Final Eight" round. All playoff rounds consist of one-off knockout matches, unusual among European leagues. However, since all Adriatic League clubs play in domestic leagues at the same time, and many also play in the Euroleague, the current format has the virtue of limiting fixture congestion for the playoff sides.

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