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Home - Trapping the Guard

  Trapping the Guard

Trapping a guard after a time out or substitution.

Trapping the Guard

The guards (X1 and X2) run up and trap whichever player is advancing the ball up the mid court line. The defenders guarding the ball should apply pressure. At same time time players X3 and X4 rotate up to deny the ball against 03 and 04 at wings. Make sure that players X3 and X4 faces 03 and 04 with arms and hands in the passing lane. Player X5 will protect the basket by defending X4 and X5 at middle of the box.


Here are where the defenders should be.
The defenders who guard at wings should have their arms and hands in the passing lane. They try to avoid letting the offensive man get any contact with them by staying off in the direction of the ball.

Defense Rotation (Pass Out of Trap)

If Player 01 passes to 03 or 02 at wing, immediately the defense rotates back to 2-3 zone.
Remember this is a safe gambling area to trap at mid-court because the ball is to far from the perimeter and players have time to relocate to their positions after pass out of trap.

Back to 2-3 Zone Defense

Practice this situation everyday for 10 minutes.
After two weeks the players should understand about: trapping, deny wings, protecting the box with the big man, rotation back to 2-3 zone defense after pass out of trap and most important - communication.
This is a simple tactic defense to freeze the man with ball at mid-court and the rest of the team try to deny the ball.  

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