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  What's up Coach?

joao da costaThe coaches today are more about scouting talent instead of teaching.  The players have the responsibility of winning games but often they are weak in defense.  Most players have an abstract view of what defense is and when they are not doing it right the coach is screaming on the sideline.

What I have discovered as I conduct coaching clinics around the World is that coaches need to pay attention to their coaching fundamentals.  Defense is my most popular clinic for coaches because I force them to start at the beginning.  Defense is an essential coaching fundamental that any coach must be proficient in teaching.

It is critical to start your defense with one-on-one drills and progress slowly after the concepts are learned.  Players have the big picture about how it’s suppose to work but they don’t understand why they are doing it.  It can take up to 20 drills, or more, to explain the fundamentals of One-on-one defense before you can move to two-on-two.

So how do you teach in a progression? You want to start with a solid foundation and build on prior knowledge; take it step by step. Always start on one-on-one, then "progress" to two-on-two, then three-on-three, four-on-four, and finally five-on-five.  The point is, don’t jump around.  If you can not break your defense down from one-on-one all the way to five-on-five, then you don’t understand your own system enough to teach it.   If a coach does not have a system, they should study and develop their fundamentals and get educated on how to create their own defense and how to break it down and teach it step by step. 

Teaching in a progression will help you organize your practices by forcing you to create drills in secession and solidifying your knowledge of defense. Also, if you have problems mid-season you can go back and re-run the drills for a particular area and discover where the breakdown is.  The goal is to break your system into teachable chunks which fit nicely into your practice, focus on maximizing the amount of repetitions the players get and minimizing the amount of standing around.

Coaches need to create a defense plan and have their players execute it.  The key to any good plan is in how it is communicated. To me, that is really the essence of coaching, is being able to communicate and teach your players, BUT first you must have the fundamentals to create a plan that is worth communicating. 

Don’t forget, we coaches, can not play the game for our players, but we owe it to our players to send them out to play with as much solid knowledge as we can teach them.  Don’t be shy, don’t be lazy – keep your coaching fundamentals strong and never stop learning.

More about Coach Joao Costa go to:  http://www.jcbasketballhoops.com

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