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Home - World Basket 2010

  World Basket 2010

fiba world turkey 2010It did not surprise me at all when USA became the World champions again. You have to understand that USA has the best basketball. It is the most developed, there is millions invested in coaches, gymnasiums, trainers, etc. There is no comparison.  Can you imagine no American players in the foreign leagues? In my opinion it would be a disaster and boring. I really liked to see the European teams fighting for first place. But unfortunately they are still too far from USA physically and technically. There is so much passion and heart from the players around the world but the talent is not there yet when compared to American basketball players. 

USA does not need foreign players to play in the NBA. It is more about making money for the NBA. It is the business of getting ratings and purchasing the NBA channel. When the NBA takes and develops foreign players the locals in that country are more likely to purchase NBA products and channels. Those import players take a lot of specialized coaching to make them into the stars the NBA wants for their business. For example China with the import of Yao Ming – The NBA has made millions off the Chinese who are now passionate about their local star playing in America.   

The quality of basketball around the world is getting better, no doubt. As countries invest in their basketball programs, coaching, facilities it pays off. But still who wants to purchase the basketball channel from any other country when they can get the NBA channel? There is not comparison.

It was beautiful to see all the nationalities play against USA, learn against USA and be satisfied with the results even when they lost. They all seemed to appreciate the opportunity to play against the best.

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