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2018-19 NBA season preview

   2018-19 NBA season preview

In just two days, NBA 2018-19 season will start. NBA fans, or better say all hardcore Basketball fans around the World, looking forward for new excitements in upcoming NBA season.

NBA Preseason games are underway and what we can see from, maybe we can even expect one of the most exciting season in last decade.

2018-19 NBA season will tip off on October 16, 2018. End of regular season is scheduled for April 10, 2019.

Playoffs phase will start on April 13 and will finish in June. For full schedule, you may visit Official NBA website, NBA.com.

In this short preview we will try to analize some teams.

Golden State Warriors

stephen curry Golden State Warrios won two straight titles, but also three in the last four seasons. Of course, expectations are big in upcoming season.

What Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Co., may do in this season? Probably a lot. Will it be enough, well, we will see.

Somehow, we expect them in Finals. It will be tough goal, but there are no mission impossible in NBA story.

Dallas Mavericks

It was not a good season for Dallas Maverick last year. With poor 24-58 score, worst since 1997-98, Mavericks will try to wake up in this season.

Signing Luka Doncic, one of the most promising players from Europe, new era might come for Dallas Mavericks.

With Dirk Nowitzky, DeAndre Jordan and bunch of young players, it will be interesting to follow up Mavericks in this season.

Los Angeles Lakers

lebron james From this season, when you say Los Angeles Lakers, most of Basketball fans will think of LeBron James. LeBron James signed with Los Angeles Lakers during summer and caused real earthquake in NBA.

But, Los Angeles Lakers are not only LeBron James. Bunch of talented young players, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and others will help LeBron James to put a smile on the face to their fans.

There will be a lot of pressure on Los Angeles Lakers and their superstar LeBron James in this season to bring title back in LA. Will they succeed, who knows, we will see.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Yup, LeBron Left, it will be difficult to cover this empty space. But life goes on and Cleveland Cavaliers will expect a lot from Kevin Love, Rodney Hood and others.

How far they can go? Hmm, maybe not that far like in previous few NBA season, but I am sure that Cavaliers will survive this season and stay strong, hopefully not take a significant step back.

However, looking forward to see Quicken Loans Arena in this season after departure of LeBron James.

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics, in last season, they were team that most improved defensively. Kyre Irving should be main player in Boston Celtics team, followed by Gordon Hayward, Jason Tatum, Al Horford and others.

With good coach, strong defense and with a lot of talent. Boston Celtics may be one of the favorites to win the Eastern Conference. On the other side, if everything goes well, they could be the biggest threat to Warriors to win its third straight championship.

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