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A Bingo Guide that will lead you to Victory

   A Bingo Guide that will lead you to Victory

January 9, 2020

You don’t need to have lightning-fast reactions or be brilliant with numbers to be victorious in online bingo, the game is ideal for pretty much any player and as it’s a game of luck, even a novice gambler can win big, even on their first ever game! Plenty of people will testify that this does seem to happen and that players who are new to the game seem to experience “beginners luck”, which just goes to show anyone can play and win, not just those players who are bingo veterans! Here’s a beginners bingo guide to show you just how easy it is to win online bingo.

Bingo Basics

The classic game of chance is played by randomly drawing numbers which players then have to match the numbers on their bingo cards. Bingo cards are traditionally 5 x 5 cards, and in online bingo, they are generated electronically with random numbers ranging from Kelly’s Eye number 1 all the way up to Top of the Shop 90. Once you’ve been playing bingo for a while, you’ll get used to the funny number rhymes and slang, some of them being very famous, such as the well known two little ducks 22!

How to win at Bingo

You can win a line or you can win a full house, or both if you’re really lucky! Although it isn’t uncommon to win both, as you’re already well on your way to winning a full house if you’ve already secured a line. To win a line, all your numbers on a vertical row or horizontal column will need to be called out and it doesn’t matter which order your numbers are called out, just as long as they are all in a vertical or horizontal line. To win a full house, you’ll need all of the numbers on your card to be drawn. Once again, in no particular order. Numbers are drawn until someone wins the line first and until someone wins the house and is then repeated.

Online Bingo versus Traditional Bingo

People have been playing bingo since the 16th century and it’s come a long way since then, especially with the invention of the National Lotto! Bingo halls are still extremely popular with bingo lovers across the globe, but the game has become even more popular with the creation of online bingo where players can play bingo whenever they like from the comfort of their own home.

The main difference in online bingo in comparison to traditional bingo that is played in bingo halls and events worldwide is the way in which the bingo balls are drawn.

Traditionally, you’d have a bingo caller who would call out the numbers once they are drawn one at a time from a physical bingo machine containing all 90 bingo balls. With online bingo, the online casino will utilise a random number generator to draw the numbers one at a time and sometimes they are not localised but are linked to a wider network of casinos or bingo games, which allows more players to be involved in the game, often for huge jackpots!

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