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Home - Coach's Corner

  Coach's Corner

Coach's Corner is place for Basketball coaches who would like to share their Tips and Tricks and coaching philosophy. You are very welcome to send us your short articles about offense, defense, conditioning or some general tips.
Coach's Corner is for all coaches doesn't matter at what level you coach. If you are begginner you can find some useful Tips and improve your coaching abilities.

General Tips

  Offense Tips

Coach Mike Kowalski - "My offense phylosophy"
"In few words. Run breaks anytime you can, run floor, push them hard. Practise fast breaks every single practise. If you can't score from break, then set-up secondary attack. it is usually triangle or pick-and-roll (possiblly pick-and-pop). If we need long offense (24 seconds), we won't score from secondary attack. We will play some of plays."

Coach Peter Gunarsson, Boys U18 Head Coach
"Transition, fast-breaks - fundamental of offensive phylosophy. Teach your players, especially young players to play transition. Set of plays keep for senior ages. Make it simple, but effective."

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 - Jeff Van Gundy: Executing and Defending the Pick & Roll, Part I & II
 - Chris Mack: Continuity Pick & Roll Offense
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  Defense Tips

Coach Susanne, Girls U16 Head Coach
"First of all, PLEASE forget Zone defense in young age groups. Teach players to play man-to-man defense, and later they will learn Zone defense. In early ages it is important that they learn how to play man-to-man. We even have a rule, that young categories can't play Zone. I believe that this is good. Full-court press, half-court press is what we use to play all the time."

Coach Mike, Boys U16 Head Coach

"We trying to teach young players only man-to-man defense in this age group. I believe that any other kind of defense is not good for them. Later, they will learn zone defense and other combined types. We insist in hard pressure on player with ball, but at same time pressure on first pass. We teach them to stop offensive player in one-on-one situations, to not expect help from help side. They must take responsibility. Boxing out after every shot is something that they have to learn."

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  Conditioning Tips

Coach Anna Johansson, Girls U14 Head Coach
"For kids in young ages it is very important to have enough workouts. It is good preparation for fitness gym one day. We usually doing at every practise sets of push-ups, sit-ups, abs, sprints (short tracks), a lot of stretching and relaxing. During summer school break, players have a break from Basketball practices, but we give them individual plans for morning exercises and some jogging. We also reccomend bycicle riding and playing some street basket."

Basketball conditioning DVD's

 - Mike Krzyzewski: Duke Basketball - Agility & Conditioning Drills for Defense
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  General Tips

Coach Joao Da Costa
"The most important part of coaching is what you do in practice. Whatever you do in practice is going to be reflected in your games.  The better you practice, the better you are going to play.  Practice should be focused, intense, and still be fun. Before you head back to the locker room, end practice with a drill that leaves both the players and the coaches in a pleasant, optimistic frame of mind."

"Don't be afraid of what you don't know, but for what you know be honest and simple.

Coach Mike Kowalski - "My Phylosophy"

"Be dedicated to your coaching job, you got to show your players that you really care. Be hard, push them hard, but at same time be ready to listen. Even if you coach young players, you should listen. You can get many feedbacks if you try to listen. Feedback can help you to prepare next practise. At same time your players will respect your ability to listen."

Coach Sarah, Girls U16 Coach
"Thank you for giving us opportunity to write something about our coaching experience. From my experience (22 years as a coach), I believe that preparation for every practise is very important. Do not come at practise if you have no idea what you should work with your players. Daily, weekly, monthly plans are required. Without planning you will not produce willing results, and even worse your players won't be satisfied with their improvements. Everyday conversations are also very important. Talk about practise, your expectations, their expectations. Show them that you respect their opinion, but at same time do not adjust practices according to their wishes (usually, they will just play 5-on-5). Remember, planning is way to success. Good luck to everyone in this lovely job"

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And find out more here: DVDs, Videos & Books
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