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Home - Basketball live score and streaming app

  Basketball live score and streaming app

Sponsored post by CBS

We are all aware of the Golden State Warriors cutting the excitement of the NBA Finals to an abrupt end with an astonishing 4-1 victory over the defending champs, the Cleveland Cavaliers. With that being said, now is the perfect time to download CBS’s sports app, so you can stay up to date with all of your basketball news and more, throughout the entire off-season and right into the NBA Draft.

nba finals

However, this app is not just limited to the NBA, you can get NCAA Basketball, WNBA, NCAA, EuroLeague, and even EuroCup news and updates, throughout the offseason and year round too. This app completely makes your basketball desires mobile with all the insider information, such as trade rumors, etc. readily available at your fingertips. Available for free on the Google Play and iTunes store , you can easily download this useful sports app to your desired device and begin watching live streams and highlights of your favorite teams, anywhere and anytime.

Never miss out on what is happening in basketball again. The app provides a personal touch, by allowing you full control of who and what you want to hear about. Often times it can be overwhelming to hear about everything happening in the sports world. However, that is no longer problem, you may now select your favorite teams and sports that you want to be notified about and block out all the other unnecessary stuff, which i will discuss more shortly.

March Madness 2018

March Madness is one of the largest, most interactive sporting phenomena’s that happens during the year. People who do not even watch college hoops really get into March Madness. This sports app is great for those who are interested in college hoops year round or just want to set up and follow their bracket through those couple of months. You will have access to CBS’ Bracket Challenge, and be able to get the scores from all 68 teams in the tourney and follow all the way through the Final Four to the National Championship game.

Get your basketball year-round, in season and out, when you download this sports app. They have got you covered for all of your basketball needs.

ncaa basketball

Your Team

Every sports fan has a favorite team and/ or player(s). With this sports app you can create a custom news feed for your favorite team jam-packed with information from sports and industry insiders in real time. You can also receive handpicked news alerts, personalized and tailored to what you want to hear. Once you download the app you will immediately have access to games and analysis of your favorite teams.

Extras! Read all about It!

The app offers more than just your typical news, stats, and score. It also provides you with contests and even live original studio shows like Fantasy Football Today, SEC Today, Pro Football and College Football Rundown. There are also a handful of podcasts that you can tune in to as well.

As you can see, this app provides a one stop shop for all your sports news. Go ahead and download it today, and never miss another moment in sports. You never know when history will be made, but what you do know is that you will be able to experience it on your mobile device for years to come.

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