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Home - Shot correction

  Shot correction

By Dejan Rodic http://www.dejanrodic.com

When working individually we often come across the question: ´´Could I fix my shot to such a level to become a more complete player? ´´Some irregularities can definitely be eliminated with hard and dedicated work. In the next few weeks we will get familiar with all the troubles we have to eliminate at shot correction.

This time we will take a more detailed look at a straightforward way of the shot correction beginning. The following accessories are needed for the shot correction: basketball, heavy ball, chair and a Swedish chest (or something similar). I prefer using the latter because it can be set to certain heights – we know that not all players have the same height. Besides, it can be found in every gym, because it is the component part of the articles used at PE.

This exercise is definitely the most appropriate for improving the wrist functioning at taking a shot, because it is meant for this. We set the chest at a certain height and place it to the wall. As it is shown in the picture 1, the player is sitting on a chair and her arm position simulates our demand for the right angle (90 degrees).

The player puts the ball into the hand she shoots with (in this case the player is right-handed) and removes the other hand (picture 3).

Then the shot or the wrist work follows (pictures 2 and 4). As you can see in picture 2, the arm position is minimally altered and only wrist is actually used.


This is definitely one of the starting levels of shot correction, which can be uninterruptedly executed by everybody, because I believe we all have suitable conditions for this. But we have to pay attention to finger position at wrist work (we will talk about this more in our next columns), so the success is not guaranteed if you decide to try out the today´s exercise.

I personally tell my players to train the wrists of both hands, to unburden the shooting arm. I divide the exercise on five shots with the right arm and five with the left arm… At first, we begin only with the ball, after approximately 20 repeated series with each hand, when we adjust the wrist to a certain move, we replace the ball with a heavy ball. As you can see in pictures 5, 6 and 7, the exercise does not differ from the above mentioned. If we include this in the training process at least once a week, the progress is seen really fast.


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