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Home - Crossing from the position of triple threat to taking a shot

  Crossing from the position of triple threat to taking a shot

By Dejan Rodic http://www.dejanrodic.com

In the next article in the Trainer´s board column we will describe the crossing to taking a shot from the position of triple threat (pictures 1 and 2).


In numerous occasions players are determined to take the shot before they even receive the ball; once the ball is in their possession, they decide to take the shot without any constrains (video 1).

It is definitely the most important to switch to the phase of taking the shot once we receive the ball (pictures 4 and 5).


But let us take some time for certain details which are very important. In my personal opinion the player in the phase of taking the shot should raise the ball high enough to see the ring under the ball. This is the only way he can take a successful shot because his or her target (ring) is visible. You can see that in picture 6 the ball does not block the player´s view toward the basket. This is only one of the conditions for a successful shot.

The player´s feet  position is also one of these conditions. As you can see in picture 7, the right foot of the basketball player (in this case this is valid for right handed people) is a few centimetres in front of the other foot (we will take a more detailed look at this in one of our next columns, where we will be getting to know the training for taking the shot).

Players also often use the combination of a trick pass (picture 3).

By doing this, they draw away the attention of defence and the same time make their shot easier (video 2). Combinations of trick pass and layout is also used before the shot (video 3).


Especially last two variants can be used at practice to make everything more dynamic. But the execution of double-crossing the opponent is the most important at all of this (we will take a closer look at this in the future).

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