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Home - Development of young post players

euroleague tv

  Development of young post players

dejan rodicAfter preparation period for the new season we will now deal with more detailed introduction of individual playing post and some exercise which are specific or suitable for development of young players. We will first take a look the post of centre and two basic pieces of exercise, which include shooting the basket as well as tricking the shot and protecting the shot.

We place the player into a start position at the rob of the rocket, horizontally with the hoop. As a basis of start position we demand the triple threat position (shooting, passing, penetration). If we take a look at the starting position from the side, we can notice that the player controls the happening in the rocket and based on that he or she will decide what to do next.

In this case we demand laying the shot through the centre, with one single dribble and landing on both feet (without turning the body towards the basket). Afterwards we gain space for shooting; we shoot above the head. But we have to be careful to protect the shot with the other hand. As you can see in both pictures (from the front, from the back), the hand which protects the shooting hand or the ball is completely stretched. This way we ensure ourselves a unimpeded shot which is more than enough in today´ s modern basketball.

One of the most important phases of this conclusion is when we make some room with our shoulders and widely spread elbows after the landing (when we grab the ball). In most cases, the players wonder wheather they will get a foul in offence. We can tell them that there is a semi-circle drawn on the position of this exercise (it is marked with black colour in the video) and there is NO faul in offence here.

After this we add an additional trick shot after the landing and a pivot turn with and conclusion with the opposite hand. We still have to persist on protecting the ball. We perform all of these exercise 1:0; when the players manage the movement and conclusions we add a defence player to confirm our theory.

I the next column we will show you some more new exercise; we will also learn how to use boxing props for increasing the agression in 1:1 game under the basket.


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