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Home - FIBA Basketball rules 2010

  FIBA Basketball rules 2010

Beginning with the 2010-11 Turkish Airlines Euroleague Qualifying Rounds on Tuesday, Euroleague Basketball joins the international basketball community in observing and instituting several important new rules. The changes to the Official Basketball Rules were originally voted on by the FIBA Central Board in April 2008, with most targeted to take effect now, following the 2010 World Championships. The changes are meant to move basketball closer to a single set of rules governing how the game is played everywhere in the world. Among the major changes being enacted, three-point shots will be longer and the trapezoid-shaped zone between the free throw line and the basket will become rectangular.

The new three-point arc is situated 6.75 meters away from the basket, one-half meter further away than the 6.25-meter line that has been in use until now in Euroleague Basketball competitions. (The three-point shot distance will be shorter in the corners to accomodate a minimum separation space of .90 meters from the sideline). Another new marking on the playing surface indicates throw-in areas on the sidelines, from where a team may inbound the ball following a timeout in the last two minutes of a game or in an overtime period. Another feature of the rule changes, no-charge semicircles under each basket, were implemented by Euroleague Basketball previously.

Another new rule states that on non-shooting fouls or violations by a defensive team that is not yet in the foul bonus, and when the attacking team has already crossed the halfcourt line, the 24-second clock will not be reset to 24 seconds. Rather, if 14 or more seconds remain, the clock will not be adjusted. If 13 or fewer seconds remain, the clock will be reset to 14 seconds.

The below mentioned rule amendments will come into effect as follows:

• For high level competitions/Level 1 (main FIBA official competitions: i.e. Olympic Tournaments, World Championships for Men and Women, U19 and U17 World Championships for Men and Women and Zone/Continental Championships for Men and Women): as of 1st October 2010, i.e. after the 2010 FIBA World Championship.

• For medium level competitions/Level 2 (i.e. all other FIBA official competitions and the high level competitions of the national federations): as of 1st October 2012, i.e. after the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Art. 2.2.3 Free-throw lines and restricted areas

The restricted areas shall be the floor rectangle areas marked on the playing court.

The restricted (three-second) area shall be a rectangle (not anymore a trapezoid) as per Diagram 1 below.

Art. 2.2.4 Three-point field goal area

The distance of the three-point line shall be 6,75 m (and not 6,25 m as present).

Art. 2.2.6 Throw-in side lines

The two (2) small lines shall be marked outside the court, on the opposite side of the scorer’s table and the team bench areas, with the outer edge at the distance of 8,325 m from the inside edge of the end lines; in other words, level to the top of the three-point line.

During the last two (2) minutes of the game and of the extra period, following the time-out granted to the team that has been entitled to the possession of the ball from its backcourt, the subsequent throw-in will be taken on the opposite side of the scorer’s table from the “throw-in side line” and not as presently from the centre line extended.

Art. 2.2.7 No-charge semicircles

The no-charge semicircles shall be marked on the playing court, under the baskets. The distance of the inner edge of the semicircles shall be 1,25 m from the centre of the basket (on the floor).

A charging (offensive) foul should never be called if the contact by the offensive player is with the defensive player standing within the no-charge semicircle.

Art. 29 Twenty-four seconds

If the throw-in is to be administered in the backcourt, if required by the respective rules, the 24 second device shall be reset to 24 seconds.

If the throw-in is to be administered in the frontcourt, if required by the respective rules, the 24-second device shall be reset as follows:

- If 14 seconds or more are displayed on the 24-second device at the time the game was stopped, the 24-second device shall not be reset and shall remain the same.

- If 13 seconds or less are displayed on the 24-second device at the time the game was stopped, the 24-second device shall be reset to 14 seconds.

For a clearer visualization of the first four changes above, please refer to the Diagram 1.

basketball court

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