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Home - How to take care of your Basketball to keep it using longer time

  How to take care of your Basketball to keep it using longer time

A good basketball can last for years if you know how to maintain it well. No matter what the material of the basketball is, whether it is made of rubber, synthetic or full grain hide it will last long if only you will take proper care of it. The way you take care of your ball differs from material to material.

Leather basketballs are more expensive and need extra care. You can use an especially designed leather cleanser. So while cleaning your leather basketball, make sure that you use the right cleanser. Leather basketballs collect dust easily. 

These dust particles ruin the basketball slowly over the time. It gets embedded on the surface of the basketball and dries out a perfect basketball. Which makes the basketball useless and it can’t be used for playing anymore.

So to avoid this you need to clean the basketball regularly. But the question is how to clean it the basketball without ruining it. There are some rules that you need to follow if you want to maintain your indoor/outdoor basketball. The tips are given below just follow them and your basketball has a long life.

Use the right amount of air

Basketball may lose the air if it is not used for a long time or is used regularly. This leads to lack of bounce and ultimately affecting your ball. Make sure that your basketball has proper air in it all the time. Don’t use your basketball when it lacks the proper amount of air pressure in it.

The ball should bounce back two-third of the way from where it was dropped. In case it doesn’t happen then it means that the ball either has a lot of pressure or has less air pressure. The pressure details are usually printed near the hole of basketball. Normally the ball consists of 8 lbs per square inch.

a.    Take care that of the needle: Make sure that you lubricate the needle before using it for inflating your ball. Insert the needle in the valve only when you are absolutely sure that the needle is well lubricated and is not damaged in any way. A damaged needle can also ruin your basketball.
b.    Tips while inflating your ball: While inflating your ball you should follow few steps that will keep your basketball safe. The tips recommended are:
1.    Do not use high pressure for inflating the ball, like the one we use for inflating the tires.
2.    Don’t inflate your ball at the time of cold otherwise, the bladder will burst.
3.    Hold the valve firmly while inserting the needle. An inch here or there and the basketball will be ruined.
4.    Inflate slowly so that the bladder doesn’t burst due to sudden pressure.
5.    Inflate to the manufacturer’s instruction only. Don’t overdo or under do it otherwise it will harm the ball.
6.    For deflating the balls just put the needle in the hole and allow the air to come out.
7.    While deflating make sure that you leave 2-3 pounds to keep its cover safe from getting damaged.

Always keep it clean

It is important to keep your basketball clean all the time. But there are some dos and don'ts of cleaning the basketball. The tips to clean the basketball in a way that it doesn't get ruined are:

1.    Always after using it wipe it with a damp and wet cloth.
2.    Dry it out immediately otherwise, it will get stains which will be impossible to remove.
3.    If the basketball is too dirty then use leather shampoo. This will keep the oils of the basketball retained on it.
4.    After this leave the ball in a ventilated place for drying.
5.    Don’t leave your ball to soak in water. The water will seep in from the holes and cracks and once inside it will damage the bladder of the ball.
6.    Leather balls are meant for indoors and wooden floor. Balls made of rubber or synthetic can be used in rocky or cemented grounds.

Now here are the steps of cleaning the basketball properly.

1.    Fill a bucket with warm water and mix in some leather shampoo in it. If you don’t have the leather shampoo then mix some mild dish detergent.
2.    Now dip a rag into the mixture and clean the ball, especially the seams of the ball. Seams of the ball collect the maximum dust and dirt in it.
3.    Now rinse your ball and then pat it dry with a dry rag.

Store in right place

When you are not using your ball the keep it in a cool and dry place away from the sunlight. But do not keep it in the car boot. The high temperature of your car boot can destroy the quality of the basketball used by the manufacturers. If you have well-ventilated ball bag then keep it in that.
If you don’t use your basketball regularly then you can deflate it and then store it in the room temperature. Keep your ball away from the fire.

Use more than one ball

While playing make sure that you use two or more balls if possible. This will give time the basketball some time to recover. It’s important to give your ball proper rest otherwise its performance will affect.

Pump up before use

Earlier also we have discussed that the pressure of the ball should be well kept otherwise the able ball won’t bounce properly leading to affecting the life your basketball. The air pressure details are always given near the inflation hole. So follow the details and inflate your ball with required air pressure.

It’s important to remember that you don’t use high pressure for inflating the ball. It may affect the ball and may rupture its bladder. Also, keep in mind that you don’t inflate your ball in the cold weather it may burst the bladder. Before inflating check the needle and lubricate it properly. Hold on to the hole firmly then only inflate the ball.

Use smooth court

It depends on the material of the basketball that where can you use it and where you can’t. Like the leather, basketballs are only made for indoor use and should be used on the wooden floors. But the basketballs made of rubber or synthetic can be used on rough, rocky and cemented grounds as well.

At the end no matter what kind of ball you are using or where have you played with it, it’s important that you take care of the ball and follow all the steps to keep it clean.


Basketball seems hard and tough equipment but it’s too sensitive and needs proper care if you want to extend its life. So it’s important that you follow the above-given details. If you love your basketball and want it to last long then these steps will give your basketball a long life. It will avoid your basketball from any kind of damage.

It doesn’t matter whether you use your basketball regularly or not it still needs care. And it’s not that hard to keep your basketball well-maintained. All you need to do is make sure that you follow the above steps carefully and your basketball will be well enough for a long time.

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