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Home - How To Up Your Game Over The Holidays

  How To Up Your Game Over The Holidays

By Scott Jennings

As 2013 winds down and you relax with the NBA's heart-stopping games, whether in person or on the screen, what are you going to do other than look forward to basketball in 2014, shoot a few hoops yourself, and try your best to make star basketball players out of your children/nieces/nephews/neighbor's kids? Nothing, that's what.

Have a nice little holiday break? Make some plans to improve how you play the game. Sure, there's always something cool to watch on TV (like, maybe, more basketball games) but all that free time leads to too much eggnog, too many extra pounds, and too little exercise so why not make a plan to do something beneficial that involves your favorite sport?

It's not enough just to have a basketball hoop on your garage with a nice paved patch for dribbling, although that's pretty awesome considering how many kids (and adults) want one and don't have it. If you're really serious about improving your game, you need to do a bit more than casually shoot a few hoops after dinner every night, but if you aren't in need of something as high end as an intensive basketball camp, what options are there for the average Joe?

Intense exercise that involves cardio and not just strength training is critical if you want to improve your speed during a game. Sure, you want your jump shot to be awesome and awe-inspiring, but sometimes cardio is way overlooked with guys who want to get bigger and stronger and just focus on pumping iron. They kind of forget the whole "faster" part of the equation, so get your sneakers laced and hit the pavement or treadmill for some running. Go grab your kid's jump rope and work for thirty minutes. Do anything that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat, basically.

Enroll in a 2014 class or, if you have kids, enroll them in a summer camp and make a plan to help them further their skills at home. Some of these camps are renowned for condensing months worth of work into a week, sending campers home with ten times the skill level they came in with. You might find that you can learn something from your son or daughter. There are also tons of adult basketball leagues in every area so check around and see what you can find, or go find or start a pickup game in your neighborhood.

Need to really up your game? Get some basketball training equipment and don't let it collect dust. From dribble sticks to dribble goggles, there's something awesome for every price range, all of which are sure to improve how you play your favorite sport.

Remember the key here is to push yourself if you're a player, and take advantage of the time you have off. If you're usually a spectator, get moving and shoot some hoops. If you don't have a goal outside, maybe a neighbor or friend does, or join a gym and get moving. If you have kids, especially really active kids, enlist them in ensuring that you make some good 2014 exercise goals and really stick to them. You know how they say that dog owners get more exercise because they don't want to let the dog down? Kids have that same benefit.

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