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  I love this game

December 13, 2014

By Stan Dawson

i love this gameWhen it comes to conversation about Basketball (or if you ask me, the most popular sport in the World) it is hard to stay calm, and keep talking without so much passion.

All we hard core Basketball fans have a such strong passion in any segment of Basketball game, it doesn't matter if we play, coach or only watch Basketball live or on TV.

It is hard to say of any other sport may give you such excitement and at same such a frustration compared to Basketball.

Most of Basketball fans from time to time test its luck in betting on Basketball and it brings more adrenaline and give you additional excitements.

If you follow NBA or Turkish Airlines Euroleague, two the most quality Basketball competition in the World, you cannot just watch game without having strong feelings and being nervous if your team is on the court.

Basketball without fans wouldn't be so interesting. Fans are usually sixth player and in so many situations key for some improtant wins. If you ever watch Turkish Airlines Euroleague games, you should notice fans of Partizan NIS, Crvena zvezda Telekom, Olympiacos Piraeus, Panathinaikos Athens. These fans are most known and create the best possible atmosphere at almost every game.

Many famous Basketball players admitted that atmosphere in Belgrade, Piraues and Athens is hard to imagine if you were not there at the court.

Being Basketball player for years, from all young teams to senior teams and later as the coach on the bench, I have never forgot to enjoy in this game.

Playing Basketball without passion would be waste of time. Even today, when Basketball as the most of other sport is profession, athletes are well paid, but game didn't lose its passion.

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