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Home - It is game over if in any case Golden State Warriors trade Klay Thompson to the Boston Celtics

  It is game over if in any case Golden State Warriors trade Klay Thompson to the Boston Celtics

klay thompsonNBA for the season 2016-17 in the trade deadline that will take place on Thursday, February 23 next year. In addition, that is long enough for key people who are now making up rumors about NBA trade. However, many people have many speculations about the star Klay Thompson as the one to be traded on the block by joining the Celtics that is quite a likelihood to happen. This information can help you make the MyBookie.ag latest basketball lines on the prediction on how the season is likely to end.

Some of the Celtics analysts working for CSNNE such as Brian Scalabrine did recently release a statement to clear air on these rumors that we have been hearing about Golden State Warriors thinking about shooting guard on Klay Thompson. When he was asked Celtics team about Thompson when the Warriors wanted a rim protection because he can play well on the defense thus preventing the game from conceding a game.

The Celtics analyst did knew the supposed deal that will be laid right on the table very soon, which has made Celtics to get Klay Thompson right in exchange with Warriors get Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder, the Brooklyn first-round pick of Nets. This would be a perfect addition for the people who need to play the game.

At the same time, the Golden State Warriors might receive an important boost for hopes for title if they can make a decision of trading Thompson to the Boston Celtics with Thompson heading to Beantown that will be another speculation product. He is one of the former NBA player with CSN New England analyst who had hinted that Warriors could easily trade Thompson player to the Celtics.

Steve Kerr who plays for Warriors head coach instantly shut these speculations and rumors, despite having fact, which trading Thompson for Jae Crowder and Avery Bradley could be another viable Warriors option which, as per NBA GM while playing for Golden State.

While thinking about current roster of Golden States, with the team needing more help right at the center position. With the interior defense with rebounding having a big problem for Dubs right after losing Festus Ezeli and Andrew Bogut. Bradley and Crowder will be another good fit for the Warriors especially on the defensive end. However, Thompson played a key role in the success of Warriors during the past seasons thus trading him isn’t a legitimate option for the team.

"We are not trading Klay”, the manager of the team insisted thus making him to clear the air on the rumors. This will definitely have a massive impact on the team especially for those who will giving the team a chance through the process. It will definitely have a massive impact on the game especially for the Warriors when facing other powerful teams during the season. You need to stay tuned on the latest updates and trade rumors in the NBA. This will have a massive impact on the findings especially for those who will be watching their favorite teams play as they compete for the ultimate price of winning.

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