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Home - Passing from the triple threat position

  Passing from the triple threat position

By Dejan Rodic

We might think that passing from the triple threat position (picture 1) is one of the simpler elements.

Time response of the player is definitely the most important thing here, as well as the type of the pass, if the player decides for it. In this article we are going to take a closer look at passing from the triple threat element with taking the step with the front foot (picture 2).

As it is the case at each variant of passing, hand work is the most important here. The ball is transferred from the side of the body (against body) to the chest, where the pass begins. When we push the ball away from the body, arm symmetry is very important; the ball has to leave the arms when they are stretched. Picture 3 illustrates hand position of the player immediately before giving the ball away and this is the most important thing here – in what position are the arms after the pass!

As it can be seen in picture 4, the palms are turned outwards when they are stretched. We can also see in picture 4.1 that the thumbs on both hands are turned downwards when the arms are stretched. This definitely enables a qualitative and good execution of exercise. Passes are especially important with younger categories, because a good pass can hide other shortcomings of the team and players in the phase of the offense. The statement that the ball is faster the player is definitely true with young categories.


Passing from the triple threat position with defence (picture 5) is one of the basics in basketball, but it is more difficult for execution with younger categories because of the contact play. Perhaps a small recommendation for pass practice – practise passing with defence.

As you can see in picture 6, the offense player has used the non-focus of the defence player and with putting one step forward with the front foot gained a significant advantage for passing. The defence is often very harsh when it comes to preventing a shot. But we should also pay attention to preventing the passes which can result in a successful shot with a good trick to get rid of the defence.

Picture 7 shows that the defence cannot prevent this kind of passes. I would recommend all young gifted players to start following the action on the court, because a good pass probably means a scored shot. Naturally, there are many more types of passes; we will observe them in more details in article sequences in the future.

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