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Home - Reading The Court – Mastering The Moment

  Reading The Court – Mastering The Moment

November 28, 2014 - by Anthony Lanzillo

"The key is seeing and doing. If you're focusing on anything other than reading the court and doing what needs to be done, the moment will pass you by."                                                                       

Phil Jackson – “Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior”

According to Anthony Robbins, author of Awaken The Giant Within, you will make three decisions at any given moment of the day that will determine your future: deciding what to focus on, deciding what things mean to you and deciding what to do to create the results you want. So, in sports and particularly in a game-time situation, it is important that you are mentally prepared to make the right decisions. It is knowing how to mentally manage any moment to create a bigger moment for yourself and the team. And it begins with how you think.

Making the best decisions as a basketball player on the court is all about learning how to assimilate, anticipate and act. It is the “Triple A” formula to building a sharper mind, and knowing how to cut through anything that is a distraction and destroys your concentration, composure and confidence. It’s training your mind to continuously ask- what do I see, what do I expect and what do I want? When you do this, you will be able to focus, put things in a positive frame of reference and be a proactive player. It’s all about reading the court and mastering moment.

You are learning how to take in, on a visual and cognitive level, what the moment is offering you and then translating that into identifying your options and opportunities. It’s mentally conditioning yourself to be present and proactive. Positioning yourself to respond to what’s happening right in front of you and playing a pivotal role to help your team. To set the screen, make the backdoor cut, block and rebound, initiate the fast break or go for the layup. It’s being in the right place at the right time with the right move. And all five players on your team who are on the court are playing a pivotal role.

If you want to read the court, master the moment and become the best basketball player you can be, then you want to practice these mental skills on a regular basis:

Think about your strengths + Think about your purpose + Think about what you control + Think about why you love the game + Think about how you can serve your teammates + Think about what you are grateful for + Think about what you want + Think about what is right + Think about what you are learning + Think about what inspires you + Think about what brings you joy + Think about playing within yourself + Think about taking a deep breath.

“Your thought process must be simplified and concerned only with what is happening now to win or reach your peak performance in sports. Always stay focused in the moment on the field of play. Thoughts about the past and future are fog, and thoughts aobut the present – the here and now – are clear skies. Being present in the moment empowers you to respond with alertness, curiosity, and skill to whatever comes your way. Nothing else matters; your focus is on putting your purpose in the cross hairs and taking your best shot. When you are clearly focused on the present task, then you free yourself to thoroughly enjoy the experience.”

Jim Afremow – “The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, And Thrive”

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