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Home - Record Breaking Contract Extension: James Harden to Become Foundation for Houston Super Team

  Record Breaking Contract Extension: James Harden to Become Foundation for Houston Super Team

james harden

Russel Westbrook and Stephen Curry might be relishing their positions as the top athletes in the league, especially when it comes to MVP Votes and Championships but James Harden has soundly stomped on them where it counts most. Harden’s new contract is unlikely to drastically affect sports betting on the next season.

But the fact that his six-year deal guarantees him $228 million isn’t something to sneeze at. The four-year $160 million extension came on Saturday and it secured Harden’s position with the Rockets for the next couple of years.

Besides having the richest NBA contract ever negotiated, Harden now has the time to evolve. He needs to become the leader his team needs to put the rising number of super teams in the league in their place.

Of course, it isn’t like Harden hasn’t proven that he deserves the contract. After all, the athlete has delivered quite the impressive number of gaudy stats over the regular season, leading the league in assists, scoring, and rebounds. The 2000, 900 and 600 points, assists and rebounds he cracked this season broke records in the NBA.

And it isn’t like James Harden has reached his peak. The superstar still has room to grow. A few more seasons under Mike DAntoni could send his already gaudy statistics to the moon. The rationale behind the game-changing contract makes sense when one thinks about the advent of super teams.

Everyone and their mother is looking to collect gifted superstars under the same umbrella so as to dominate the league, and having the right players on one’s roster can do wonders for a team’s ability to attract gifted athletes.

After all, the NBA is in an era where it has become the norm for players to change cities just so they can play on the same team as their friends.

Rockets management has already suggested that they only succeeded in bringing Chris Paul on board because Harden was around. It could be argued that Chris was simply tired of the bad karma following him around in Los Angeles. But the presence of his friend Harden definitely swayed his decision to come to Houston, even if the arrangement will only last an estimated twelve months.

Every super team starts with a strong foundation. James Harden has the capacity to become the foundation around which the Rockets will build a legendary legacy. And he has shown that there’s so much more he can offer, what with his ability to score from anywhere.

People like Harden because, despite his talent and ability to score, he isn’t averse to supplying the ball to his teammates, helping them rack up scoring points. Harden is also a magnet for superstars. From that perspective, it is clear that the Rockets are looking to Harden’s ability to build their team in the near future, though his performance on the court cannot be discounted.

Right now, the analytics crew looks like it knows what it wants to do. They have a plan in mind. They just need Leslie Alexander to keep churning out the millions. Money will be a factor in the future of the Rockets.

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