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Rookie errors in blackjack that you want to avoid

   Rookie errors in blackjack that you want to avoid

January 9, 2020

Unlike some casino games, blackjack isn’t a game of chance and is known as a game of skill and strategy, but what are the most common mistakes players make that get in the way of victory? There are myriad traps you can fall into that will lead to a loss, so we asked the experts what rookie error is they made when they were just starting our playing the game so that you can learn from their mistakes rather than experiencing them first hand.

Not reading the rules 

Every game has rules to which players abide by and they dictate the outcome of the game and how it is won, so before you dive right in, make sure to be clued up on the rules of blackjack so you don’t fall short. For example, if you’re playing blackjack at a land-based casino, observe other tables to analyse how the rules of the game work so you have the best advantage. 

Continuous Shuffling Machine (CSM)

A CSM generally has 4 or 5 decks that it will shuffle and each round needs a fresh deck of cards that have been shuffled, but unlike traditional shuffling machines, the CSM takes up the used cards from previous rounds and mixed them at random non-stop. This essentially means that the casino has the edge constantly during every round, decreasing the players’ edge as your concentration levels will start to wean and you won’t be as observant of the cards on the table. Instead, mix it up and play on tables with traditional shufflers who deal fewer hands per hour so you can have a better chance! 

Playing with Zero Strategy

After all, failing to prepare is preparing to fall! One of the biggest mistakes new players make is underestimating the importance of strategy in blackjack. Having a strategy will be the backbone of a successful game and having a basic playing strategy will pay dividends. You can read up on strategies online or there are plenty of books out there that have a range of blackjack strategies, just don’t go in with only your gut instinct under your belt. Once you’ve learned a strategy you’re comfortable with, stick to its principles throughout the game and keep up your concentration - which leads us to the next rookie error...

Losing Concentration

It’s important to remember that you don’t win a game of blackjack by getting lucky, it’s a mathematical game and success generally comes from following set formulas and sticking to your strategy. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how players can fall into the trap and make errors of judgement and go with their gut after they’ve loosened up a bit with a few drinks, which will often be offered to players for free at casinos. This is a prime example of nothing is really ever free! As the casino offers the drinks free in the hope you will lose concentration and fumble on your strategy. That’s not to say you can’t have fun and enjoy a drink while you play, but everything in moderation and responsibly, that goes for drinking as well as gambling!

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