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Slot Machine Cheats Of The Past

   Slot Machine Cheats Of The Past

February 28, 2020

For the large majority of gamblers, cheating is an act that they would never in a million years consider. The risk of getting caught and facing a lifetime ban from establishments is off putting enough but slots are also a lot less fun when you don’t win fairly. Playing in anxious suspense is half the excitement of any slot game and so any cash payout whilst cheating is therefore tainted with betrayal.

However this hasn’t stopped a small percentage of players who over the years have given their best shot at trying to rig the system and win the prize. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and look back at the slot machine cheats of the past:

Wire Coin Cheat

Using a wire to trick the slot machine is far one of the oldest ways that people used cheat in the past. Someone just needed to attach a coin that was accepted in the slot machine to the end of a thin piece of wire and they would be ready to go. They could then insert the coin like normal to trick the mechanism into topping up the credit, ready to be used. Once this registered they could then pull the coin back out, ready to be used again. In doing this repeatedly players had numerous opportunities to win cash for free as long as no one saw the trick. However as this caught on, slot manufacturers altered the mechanics of games so that a wire would jam the machine if anything were attempted.

Fake Coin Trick

No longer able to use a wire to return their coin, some dishonest individuals developed a cheat that they could leave behind. Fake or foreign coins became increasingly popular ways of deceiving the machine to give out spins for a fraction of the price. Fake coins that were just small bits of metal in the shape of a monetary coin that had no real value but still triggered game credit. Foreign coins could also do the trick where many different currencies shared similar coin sizes but were worth drastically different in comparison. This was most famously the case during the 1980s when a Mexican Peso was the exact same shape as an American Dollar but was worth only a tiny 2 cents.

Magnet Cheat

This cheat was incredibly popular around the same time as the fake coin trick and was used just as frequently. Not everyone had access to similar shaped fakes or a stash of worthless foreign coins, but most people could easily obtain a magnet. Using one, players could press against the side of a machine and turn the reels in direction of a mobbing magnet. After changing each reel to form a winning combination, players could trigger jackpot payouts without ever having to leave a trace of their deceit.

As the slot machine itself has evolved, so have the cheats that people have attempted. Now after years of trying to prevent it, slot developers have created machines that make it practically impossible to cheat. Overall this makes the whole gambling world fairer, with more money being paid to honest players

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