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Home - Switching to layout with trick shot

  Switching to layout with trick shot

By Dejan Rodic http://www.dejanrodic.com

After the triple threat position we will take a step forward. In this article we are going to talk about switching from the mentioned basic attack position into the layout.
In numerous situations players decide for the combination of double-crossing before the layout, whether that being a shot or a pass. In this example we will take a more detailed look at the details of a trick shot; we are going to use a certain dribble and change of course and layout.

We will begin with picture 1, the triple threat position where the player is still deciding about how the action will continue. First, the player uses a trick shot (picture 2) which is followed by dribbling and layout (picture 3).


But let us focus on the most important thing in layout and go back to the triple threat position with a defence player (picture 4) in the way presented in the snapshots. If we take a better look at the foot position of the attacker and defence player (picture 5 and a more detailed illustration in picture 6), we can see that it is almost impossible to stop the attacker in an appropriate and allowed way.


In most cases, this results in scored shots and an additional free throw, as it is shown in the last picture (picture 7), because the defence player stays far behind in movement. To appropriately transfer our knowledge to the youngest players we have to ask from them to overtake the player in the area of legs from the time they become aware of the attack orientation.

I would most certainly advise that you do not use the phrase: "You must not do that like this!" This is a probation and younger generations of players do not like hearing them. Let us be consistent and advise them: "For your layout to be successful you have to make an effort and do this like this..." This is definitely a minor base because all of these elements are extremely complicated. To make all this more dynamic, I add combination of one, or more dribbles to the trick shot exercise on my practices.

Let us not forget: all the things described today do not usually have a real meaning if we do not achieve the movement illustrated in pictures 5 and 6.

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