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Home - The Chicago Bulls: Focusing Their Sights On Nikola Mirotic To Boost The Future

  The Chicago Bulls: Focusing Their Sights On Nikola Mirotic To Boost The Future

derrick roseThe Chicago Bulls’ 2013-14 season came crashing down after Derrick Rose injured his medial meniscus on November 22, 2013 and was ruled out for the rest of the National Basketball Association (NBA) season. To make things more interesting, the team traded Luol Deng (one of their best players) in a cap-clearing move. Putting the said circumstances into consideration, it is quite obvious that the Bulls are setting their sights on the future.

Even though the team is not looking to make significant moves in the on-going season or during the offseason, they are actually looking to sign former 2011 first round draft pick (23rd overall), Nikola Mirotic. The 6’10 forward was originally picked by the Houston Rockets and currently plays for Real Madrid in the European League.

Nikola Mirotic Up Close

nikola miroticMirotic is a monster in the European league as he is having the best season of his young basketball career. The 22-year old is averaging 16.2 points per game and grabbing 6.2 rebounds per game in 28 minutes of action.

If you think that’s impressive, you have to see his shooting percentage. He’s shooting a whopping 72.2% from the field, 64% from downtown, 52% from mid-range, and 91.2% from the stripe. Furthermore, he is the league leader in true shooting percentage at 76.5%.


Obviously, Mirotic’s shot selection is very polished and the fact that he’s more than willing to take big shots with the game on the line makes him a cut above the rest. He might not be a quick catch and shoot player like Dirk Nowitzki, but his rhythm, release, and ability to make shots off the dribble are excellent. Also, his size and his superb ability to handle the ball with both hands will definitely pose problems for his NBA opponents.

In addition, Mirotic has a very versatile offensive game and has excellent court awareness that enable him to move without the ball and make quick decisions once he receives it. Apart from his scoring prowess, his good passing skills will definitely complement the Bulls’ offensive game.


Without Rose and Deng in the roster, the Chicago Bulls will definitely struggle this season. On the other hand, diehard fans shouldn’t despair because the team is going at the right direction. 

The team will drastically improve next season with a healthy Derrick Rose, a sweet-shooting Nikola Mirotic, and another solid rookie in the fold. All in all, the future seems bright for the Chicago Bulls.

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