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Home - The close up shot

  The close up shot

By Dejan Rodic http://www.dejanrodic.com

Once we have the wrist work under control or when we correct the scrap, it is time for practising the close up shot, especially because this way we will get rid of the tiny mistakes we have not yet entirely corrected. But nevertheless the result at technique change of the shot is definitely more realistic if we start with the close up shots.

In this phase I focus on hand work with a slight crease in the knees, because we still need to pay attention to the palm wrist and arm position. As you can see in picture 1, the arms are in the position of the 90 degrees angle; picture 2 shows how to control the direction of the ball with fingers pushed apart and picture 3 presents the wrist work.


It is definitely recommendable to take enough time for details at each shot because the quality of the execution is important here. We must not compete with the made up goals, such as: ˝I must repeat this exercise a hundred times…. These goals definitely do not help because the quality is in front of quantity at this exercise.

As we have already described in our previous articles, we perform the same exercise with a heavy ball. This type of exercise is shown in pictures 4, 5, 6 and 7. After a certain period I allow the player to push off the floor; the feeling for the shot is already developed by then and we try from the further distance at each practice.


Personally, I train my players for approximately a month really close to the ring, then a month at a half-distance and in the third month I finally allow a shot for three points. This short videos show shot practising with the ball and heavy ball. This is a pure basis and we practically do not need any special conditions for practising this.


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