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Home - The Importance of Strength and Conditioning Training as proven by Lebron James

  The Importance of Strength and Conditioning Training as proven by Lebron James

June 15, 2015

lebron jamesFor professional athletes, strength and conditioning training goes a long way in helping them achieve and maintain their peak physical form. Just ask 4-time MVP and 11-time NBA All-Star LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. After losing Game 1 of the 2015 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, James powered his team to two straight victories – game 2 and game 3, in the best-of-seven series. His impressive performance in the Finals has also had everyone paying close attention to his strength and conditioning training.

Despite having been tightly guarded by a phalanx of defenders and having to play extended minutes on the court, James still had the energy to produce monster numbers in Games 2 and 3. If you think the reason the Cavs All-Star forward was able to come up big in the series is because he is simply a naturally gifted athlete, you are only half right. If not for his tireless work ethic and all the hours that he had spent in the gym, James might still have the lanky figure that he had when he was playing high school basketball.

How did James’ Workout Bring Him Success

James’ workout routine consists of powerful and athletic movements that aim to strengthen his core and develop his diverse skill set. He has been seen working on his core and abdominal muscles by performing a more difficult plank variation, wherein he stretches his body across two balance cushions and tries to hold that position for as long as he can. Fans have also spotted him doing his version of the farmer’s walk, where he struts around the neighborhood while carrying a massive 300-pound tractor tire. This seemingly herculean feat helps build endurance and strengthen the body. James’ training also has him working with resistance bands, which are great for improving back strength and increasing shoulder stability. This, most likely, is how he is able to make a basket even when there a number of defenders hanging onto him.

You might also be surprised to see James training in a boxing gym. No, it’s not because he’s prepping for a possible in-game scuffle; he merely uses his boxing workouts to improve his endurance and his hand-eye coordination. This part of his training comes in handy whenever he tries to catch that near-impossible lob pass in mid-air before stuffing the ball down the hoop for an alley-hoop jam.

Following King James’ Footsteps

Now you could always follow in LeBron James’ footsteps and work your way towards being the best that you can be, but nobody said you couldn’t have a little help doing so. Advancements in weight and muscle management studies have made brand name products such as Optimum Nutrition, available at online supplement retailers.

So you want to be the best that you can be? Channel your inner LeBron James and work towards building up your strength and conditioning. You may not end up playing in the NBA Finals anytime soon, but you’ll definitely be a better athlete for it.

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