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The Most Well-Known Basketball Mishaps

   The Most Well-Known Basketball Mishaps

November 26, 2020

Like all sports, basketball has seen its fair share of blunders and mishaps over the years! Whether on the court, in the media, or just in life in general, those associated with basketball and the NBA in particular, have seen some epic fails. In this post, we explore, in our opinion, the top eight basketball mishaps of all time:

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8. Dennis Rodman's Hair Fails

He may be widely regarded as the NBA's best rebounder of all time, but we've simply lost count of the number of times we've been awestruck by the mad colours Rodman decides to dye his hair. It's not a great look, Dennis.

7. Shawn Kemp's Terrible Example

Kemp's career serves as a 'How not to make it in the NBA guide.' Despite having a tremendous amount of talent, Kemp publicly complained about his salary on more than one occasion, demanded a trade, was overweight, got into trouble on and off the court, and wasted opportunities to get back into the game when he was out. Not the best of role models for the younger generations.

6. Donald Sterling's Bad Behaviour

If owning the Los Angeles Clippers isn't bad enough, Donald Sterling's general behaviour leaves a lot to be desired. During his time as Clippers owner, he was sued for both racism and sexual harassment, and heavily and openly criticised his own team for not being good enough. He's not the most popular guy in LA, that's for sure.

5. Kobe Bryant's Sexual Assault Case

After checking into a lodge in Colorado in 2003, Kobe was accused of raping then 19-year-old hotel employee Katelyn Faber. Although charges were later dropped as Faber refused to testify against him, Kobe admitted to having consensual sex with her at the lodge and cheating on his wife, tarnishing his glowing reputation in the eyes of many of his fans.

4. Tim Donaghy's Integrity 

As an established and relatively well-respected match official of the NBA for no less than thirteen full seasons, the news that Tim Donaghy was betting, and winning significantly, on NBA games rightly outraged fans, players, and other officials alike. With the number of betting sites available, he thought he could get away with is, but this was not the case. His actions damaged the integrity of the league significantly, earning him his place on this list.

3. The NBA's Infamous Ball Switch

During the 2007 season, the NBA decided to introduce a new microfibre ball to replace the leather ball that players had used throughout their whole careers. The players hated it from the word go, filed a lawsuit, and, before it even reached court, the NBA decided to switch back to the leather ball. A waste of time all round.

2. Ron Artest's fight

Sometimes referred to as 'The Malice at the Palace,' the 2004 season game between the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers is well-remembered for all the wrong reasons. Late in the fourth quarter, a fight broke out on the court, and a fan foolishly chucked a can of Diet Coke into the fray. Artest proceeded to charge into the stands and take his anger out on the wrong fan, landing him a season ban and tarnishing the NBA's reputation.

Jayson Williams' Crimes

An unbelievable story, Jayson Williams deserves his place at the top of this list. In 2002 he gave a tour of his mansion while playing with a shotgun and 'accidentally' shot and killed 55-year-old limousine driver Costas Christofi. Although he was acquitted of the more severe charges laid against him, he had to pay a massive settlement to his victim's family and was found guilty of trying to cover up the shooting. He would later be sentenced to five years in prison for aggravated assault. A bad guy, for sure.

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