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Home - The Warriors are once again the team to beat: NBA 2017-2018 Preview

  The Warriors are once again the team to beat: NBA 2017-2018 Preview

golden state warriorsThe existence of a super team like the Golden State Warriors has motivated other players to form their own all-star units. But it will not be easy, because Stephen Curry wants to come back at the peak of his game and the hunger and determination haven’t gone anywhere, the Bay Area team wants more and it’s up the rest of the league to stop them. But, can they? Steve Kerr’s team is back in full force with Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala and the rest of the gang.
In the Eastern Conference things remain just about the same, the Cleveland Cavaliers are the only decent team that could challenge Golden State again, but they’ve made some changes. They parted ways with Kyrie Irving (we’ll talk about him later) but brought in to the fold high caliber players like Isaiah Thomas, Derrick Rose, and Dwayne Wade. These last two veterans want to put the Cavs over the top and beat Golden State again, just like they did two years ago.

Isaiah Thomas will also be a key component of the championship run (because they are going to make the Finals), he is recovering from an injury but he is on his prime and is one of the most electric scorers in the league. But his former team, the Boston Celtics, are built to test the Cavs now and dominate the East in the next ten years. The Celtics added all-star point guard Kyrie Irving as the cornerstone of the franchise and signed Gordon Hayward in free agency. 

But the real battles will be done in the Western Conference, where all the teams are loading up to beat the Warriors. The San Antonio Spurs just gave LaMarcus Aldridge an extension and brought in Rudy Gay to add firepower to the guard position. With Gregg Popovich, who might just be the best coach in the NBA, they will keep contending. Their Texas neighbors, the Houston Rockets made on of the most important trades of the summer, they got Chris Paul from the Los Angeles Clippers, and he will share ball handling duties with James Harden. 

The Oklahoma City Thunder finally got a superstar to play alongside Russell Westbrook, they traded for Paul George, who was desperate to leave the Indiana Pacers (who could blame the guy?). And if that was not enough they acquired Carmelo Anthony from the New York Knicks. This puts the Thunder as one of the favorites to stop the Warriors on their quest for another championship.

You can get a free bet on any of these super teams before the season even starts. Pick a favorite and go to instantsportsmoney.com to put some money on the team that you think is going to win the NBA Finals this year. You could win some serious money if you do the right bets, so go ahead and try your basketball knowledge.

But these new super teams are not the only thing new for this upcoming season. The All-Star game was also renovated with the idea of giving a better product to the fans that pay to see their favorite players. This edition will be celebrated in Los Angeles, the probable destination of two max free agents. We’ll wait to see how that unfolds later in the season. 

The NBA jerseys that the players will wear this season are going to be different, as the league left Adidas to sign a deal with Nike. We’ll also see sponsors in the jerseys for the first time in history. Not all the teams will do it, but it will be a new source of income for the teams that do include sponsors. One of those teams will be the Los Angeles Lakers, who will take advantage of the global reach of their brand to make a bigger profit.

Speaking of the Lakers, they will be a team to follow because of their two rookie sensations: Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma. Much was expected from Ball before the Draft even started, but Kuzma, who was a late first round pick, is making everybody think that he is the real thing, a player that can be a star in this league. But the pressure is on Ball to make the Lakers better and even sniff the playoffs at the end of the regular season.

The NBA is also aiming to shorten the wear and tear the players suffer from back to back games. This is why they decided to start the season earlier, so players could get more rest during the regular season. The games will also be more dynamic, there will be a timeout reduction. From 18 during the game the number will go down to 14. This will eliminate pauses during the game, this change was made with the fans in mind.

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