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  They said about Us

Aurélien Léger, SIngapore
We see that your website is very frequently updated, with very detailed information pertaining to everything about living a healthy lifestyle, and professionally written, at that.
James DeLoach, USA
I love your website. Keep up the great work.
Danielle, France
It seems that your site is getting better and better. My son play Basketball and I am trying to find out more about some good tips for Youth Basketball. I will recommend this site to my friends too.
Mark, USA
"I like your site -- you're doing a good job of spreading the word of World Basketball."
Chester Mason, B.C. Siroki HT Eronet, Bosnia and Herzegovina
"I play in the adriatic league this season.. I was just looking at your web site and wanted to say that I like it. Congrats."
Mikhail, Russia
"Good Basketball site. Very interesting coaching articles. I am checking your site very often to find out news from Basketball around the world. All the best."
Giuseppe, Ancona, Italy
"Ciao, this is very good Basketball site. There are very many Basketball sites but this one is pretty good. You can still improve a lot, and I hope so that you will. Keep up a hard work. Best wishes."
Coach Jefferson, Utah, USA
"Great site. Keep up a good work, and please if you can add more articles about Youth Basketball."
Carlos, Montana, USA
"Good site. Interesting content, and hopefully it will be added more soon. I have played some hoops at College, but still live "Basketball" everyday."
Marko, Belgrade, Serbia
"Nice design, and good content. It would be good if you add some results and standings when new season start. Also, you could write some more about Serbian Basketball."
Sarah, Illinois, USA
"I've been searching for some Basketball articles for my 12 years old son, and I have found this web site. Idea is great. I wish if you can add more articles about Youth Basketball. Good luck in future."
Jonas Karlsson, Lulea, Sweden
"Very happy that I have found this web site. I have played some basketball at Division II level. This is nice and useful site. Keep up a good work"
Johan Minjauw, Belgium
"Congratulations, great site"
Laszlo, Debrecen, Hungary
"Nice web site. My son play Basketball, he is pro. I like Basketball very much and I am glad that you have made this site. Please add more articles about coaching"
Milos, Belgrade, Serbia
"Hi, good web site, good idea. Layout can be much better. More articles about coaching and scouting would be great. However, keep up a good work and  good luck with your site."
Micke, Horsens, Denmark
"Nice site, keep up a good work. I wish if you can add more advices for young coaches. Good luck."
Annett, Sweden
"Hello, interesting site. I have two kids, both playing basketball. For me it is interesting to learn more about this sport. It is good to learn more about rules, so I can watch their games and understand much more."
Chris P., Poland
"Nice web site. I have played some basketball years ago. Now, I am involved in amateur coaching and refeering. It is fun. Please, try to have as many as possible articles about rules and youth coaching."
Anders Olsson, Sweden
"List of famous coaches is pretty same than mine. I would just add Lute Olson and Bob Knight. If you can add more drills and coaching tips it would be great. Good luck."

Brigitte, Ulm, Germany
"Interesting site, nice content. I will suggest much more content about Youth basketball and especially more coaching tips for kids age 10-16."
Andrew, Utah, USA
"This is pretty good site about Basketball. Keep posting latest news. Good luck."
Gabriela, Udine, Italy
"Hello, congatulations for your web site. Very nice, useful articles, nice layout. Keep up a good work."
Marsel, Brasil
"Good job amigos, very good web site. I have found many interesting stories. My favourite are Basketball coaching articles. Congratulations for those coaches who wrote those articles. All we can learn a lot. All the best in future."
Anne-Lise, Dresden, Germany
"Hello and congrats for your web site. I have played some basketball in Division 2 years ago. For me it is so interesting to read about coaching tips, since my son play basketball now. This is wonderful project to present basketball to all people around the world. Keep up a good work."
Roy, Idaho, USA
"Hello and congrats. Good site and interesting content. Keep up a good work."

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