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Three Rule Changes The NBA Should Consider

   Three Rule Changes The NBA Should Consider

April 16, 2019


The NBA is a truly exceptional product, thanks to its ability to create stars and for those stars to have the opportunity to shine through the rules that currently exist in the game. But, as is the case with any sport, there are opportunities to tweak the rules to create a product that is even better. These three potential rule changes in particular could improve the game even more at its highest level of competition.

Adopt the FIBA cylinder rule

In international competition, when FIBA rules are applied, players are allowed to grab the ball when it comes off of the rim without having to wait for the ball to clear the cylinder first. In the NBA, this is called as goaltending or basket interference, which nullifies a basket scored because of it or gives the offense a bucket if the defense is guilty of it.

Instead, the NBA should consider adopting the FIBA rule, as it rewards players for getting to the rim to rebound the ball rather than making them stand and wait for the ball to take additional bounces. This rule change would also better prepare the United States team for international competition, which continues to get tougher with the evolution of the game around the world.

Make foul calls reviewable

The NBA has done a good job of calling for more transparency and accountability among its officials by releasing their two minutes report at the end of games. That report outlines areas where officials made key calls, outlining whether those calls were correct or incorrect and what went into them. Another way to make things more transparent, and to avoid injustice on the court, would be to make foul calls reviewable in the final minutes of the game.

Something like this would need to be done delicately, as overanalyzing plays in slow motion could result in phantom calls being added to late game situations. But if done right, this idea could resolve clear and obvious officiating errors late in games to make sure that teams aren’t robbed of chances to win.

Change MVP voting to after the season

The NBA’s Most Valuable Player award is one that is used when arguing the merits of a player’s legacy long after they have left the league. The one problem with it is that the award is used largely to commemorate regular season accomplishments, as it is handed out before the completion of the playoffs. To make sure that legacies are properly accounted for, the award should be given out at the end of each season instead.

For example, when Steph Curry won the award unanimously after the 2015-2016 season, those unanimous votes didn’t factor in the fact that his team blew a 3-1 lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. Of course, voters would still have the option to weigh regular season performances more heavily than those in the postseason, but the postseason would have the opportunity to be a factor if the award was handed out later in the year.

Post contributed by Max Kesler of Hoopsbeast. Max is a passionate basketball player and longtime Sixers fan. Besides shooting hoops and avidly following the NBA, he also likes to share basketball training advice on his blog.

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