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Toronto Raptors role in the upcoming NBA season

   Toronto Raptors role in the upcoming NBA season

August 21, 2019

Foto: Pexels

The Canadians invented basketball, taught the Americans that game, and now they have become the first non-U.S. Team to win a trophy awarded to NBA champions.
Who could say at the beginning of the last season that Toronto Raptors will be the new NBA Champions? Could you? No, neither do I.

Today we are at the same point, but things are now changed. After they made a huge surprise by winning the league title, fans all over the world are having higher expectations than last season.

We can say it’s a normal thing, but can they really do it again? It’s gonna be so hard, but still no!

Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard led the Raptors to historic success by winning the league title. Shortly after, speculation began with a question where Kawhi would continue his career.

In the end, the MVP of the final series decided to go to the Clippers. That was also surprising for basketball fans, but really it's not if you know Kawhi Leonard.
When it comes to Kyle Lowry, he is more than clear about his ambitions. He said: "I want to be here. I wish my new contract to be as long as possible, but it's still too early for that. I'm focused on the national team right now, but I'd like to play longer for Toronto and when the right time comes we will make the right decision."

Mark Gasol used the option in the contract and extended it to another year, next season in a Raptors jersey will earn $ 25.6 million. He was referred to as the target of the New Orleans Pelicans. After he rejected Pelicans. the Raptors fans saw that as the next step for a long-term deal but it wasn’t the case.

It is completely fine because people in Toronto want more space in salary cap so they can sign or even trade new players.

They could also roll over their cash to 2021. 2021 is expected to be one of the greatest free-agent classes of all time, with players such as Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bradley Beal, and others available. The Raptors could sign a few one-year deals (perhaps of their own players), and attempt to sign two max guys the following summer.

But so far they singed Matt Thomas, Stanley Johnson, Terence Davis, Cameron Payne, Robinson, Brissett, Konate and Re-Signed Patrick McCaw.

So we can see the small shape of the team, but the role of the Raptors team for this season is not going to so big.

We can expect them to be contenders for playoffs but not in the upper part of the table. They will beat better teams, but usually at home court.

The real question is what can they do on away games? There we will see the real face of the Raptors team. They will need so much luck, almost like last season only to play conference finals, but with one big signing from the free agency, it can easily happen.
The North has spoken last season, let's wait and see this years story.

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