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Unbelievable Basketball Blunders On the Court

   Unbelievable Basketball Blunders On the Court

May 30, 2019

nick young

When it comes to pro basketball we often think its professional in every sense of the word. There are millions of dollars wagered on games through famous sports books, there are a number of fans who have paid thousands of dollars for court side tickets and the managers of NBA teams are continuously under a microscope, so why wouldn’t players, coaches and owners behave professionally?

The reason is a simple one, we are all human and humans have been physically, mentally and emotionally designed to err. This is what defines humankind but what we haven’t been kitted out for is being caught on tape. Thanks to social media, there is no erasing what we have done in the past and of course, what we have done will go viral as the basketball court blunders have.

Premature Celebration By Nick Young

Back in 2014, Nick Young was caught on camera celebrating a 3 point miss. What the star player thought to be a memorable jump shot, turned out to be memorable alright, but for exactly the opposite reason, for missing the shot and thinking he had it by celebrating it just as the ball bounced out the hoop on the court. What made the shot even more memorable was the surety in which he thought he had the shot, overly eager and too egotistical is what garnered all the unwanted attention after the shot was taken.

The Shawn Kemp Dunk

Back in 1992, Shawn Kemp quite literally dunked on pro basketballer Alton Lister. The insane game play was caught on camera when Lister cut in front of Shawn Kemp which only ended up with the crowd going wild when Kemp stood over him pointing at his face with an obvious reprimanding tone to the uncalled for move by Lister.

JaVale Ran Wrong

Back in 2012 when JaVale McGee split up two defenders and got into being the “Emperor’s New Groove” a little too soon, the pro baller managed to make a blunder n the court by losing the ball and getting rid of it into the crowd. The recovery was well executed but embarrassing nonetheless.

Lamar Odom Shooting Hoops At The Ref

In 2007, Lamar Odom’s beginning of fame, took a bit of a rough turn when the basketballer saw the referee open and decided he should be a part of the team by passing the ball to the referee’s stomach. Needless to say, the ball quite literally bounced off the ref and kind of left the audience and team members in a state of disbelief which the team tried to recover from in a rather quick an polite fashion.

Hindsight is always funnier than in the present, thankfully these laughable moments have been capsulated in the past even though social media has had a great impact on the longevity of each incident. The truth of the matter is, the wiser the player the better the play. With every handset out of fans pockets and zoomed on the court, no wonder why the biggest blunders were made before Twitter was born.

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