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What Basketball Workout Should You Do if You Are Practicing Alone?

   What Basketball Workout Should You Do if You Are Practicing Alone?

November 20, 2018

Three Great Basketball Drills You Can Do When You're Practicing Alone

While basketball is a team sport, many of the most important skills can be practiced alone. Things like passing and dribbling against a defender require at least another person. However, there are a few things you should do when you're practicing alone. Here are three things that you can incorporate into your basketball workouts when you're practicing alone.

Tip Drills
Most basketball players have participated in the team tip drill. This is a great way to work on both fingertip ball control and get warmed up for a game. However, you can do a type of tip drill when you're practicing alone as well.

This drill helps develop your talent for tipping the ball back towards the basket. It also gives your jumping skills a boost too, plus helps build finger strength. You can work a little fun into the drill.

Set a certain number of times that you just tap the ball back against the backboard. Then, after you successfully reach that number, see how many tips it takes to put the ball through the basket.

Foul Shooting
Even the greatest players in the game of basketball frequently have problems hitting free throws. There is an old adage echoed by legendary coaches that games are often won or lost at the charity stripe.

Practice foul shooting takes a lot of time away from team practice schedules. For this reason, it's often at a coach's insistent prodding that players are urged to work on their foul shooting by themselves.

You can even incorporate a rebound, then dribble and drive move to the basket on missed foul shots. The best foul shooters insist they take at least 100 foul shots every day. Free throw shooting is a practiced art that you can do alone.

Ball Control
You don't even need to be on a basketball court, or have a basket to work on your ball handling skills. All you need is enough open space to perform various drills using a basketball. You can even practice dribbling inside a dark closet. In fact, some superstars have been rumored to do just that.

Most young players, and even seasoned veterans, have marveled at the pregame warm up of Steph Curry. You may think some of these between the legs moves, and behind the back ball control drills are never going to be used in a game.

That may be true, but what they do accomplish is to build an ever-increasing comfort of a basketball in your hands. The better your sense of feel for the basketball, the better you will be able control one during the intensity of game action.

Each of these drills is excellent for times when you can practice alone. Like all good basketball players, you can wear your favorite basketball apparel while you train. At On The Go Sports you can actually customize your basketball gear. You can fashion everything from your own Hoodie to headwear.

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