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Who Is Better: Jordan Or James?

   Who Is Better: Jordan Or James?

December 18, 2020

A big debate in the circle of the NBA fans is which one of the players is the greatest of all time. Is it Michael Jordan or is it LeBron James? Now, to throw a big wrench into the debate, could it be a completely different player that is not even mentioned in most circles, like Magic Johnson or Shaq? Well, here is some insight to help you form a better opinion on which player is the best in the NBA of all time.

Michael Jordan

At the time that Jordan came out of North Carolina the Chicago Bulls were a team that was not doing well. The franchise had lost a ton of games and actually were a team that was considered an easy win for almost every team in the league at the time. When Jordan first came out to the draft he was one player that did not have any supporting cast to help him out.

Jordan would arrive in Chicago and was actually facing a culture for the team that was used to losing and expected to lose. It was at that time that the Bulls culture would have to take a stark turn to avoid losing the games. Well the expected air of losing was quickly removed with the arrival of Jordan and his never say die type of attitude.

The Bulls actually used Jordan to help develop the players around him. For example, Scottie Pippen was not expected to be as good of a player as what he ended up being. The reason that he improved to the level that he reached, was from the play of Jordan who was taking the ball into the lane and kicking it when needed. This is also true with the development of John Paxson who was one player who Jordan would kick the ball to for getting the open looks from behind the line.

In addition to making the players better around him, Jordan had to deal with lax rules. Compared to the rules that are in place today of seemingly looking at the shooter wrong gets a foul, Jordan had to deal with chops on his arms and hands. In fact, there have been rumors that the Detroit Pistons were actively trying to hurt Jordan to get him out of the playoffs during the battle between the two great teams.

LeBron James

King James, as a lot of people refer to him as, came into the league to his hometown area of Cleveland. Now, the Cavaliers had been a team that had been languishing for some time and was not a team that had the winning culture, much like the Bulls. The difference was the Cavaliers had a good group of players already on the roster and that was going to definitely be a plus.

James would come out into the NBA draft after only 1 year in college. That one year was more of a polishing type of year which would lead to him coming out without as much time in college. With so little time in the college game it meant that James would have to adjust on the fly to the level of play that is seen in the NBA. At the same time, though, James had a good supporting cast around him in some of the players.

One big difference between James and Jordan is the fact that unlike Jordan drawing a lot of defenders and kicking the ball out, James would take the shot. In some cases the ball would fall, but in others it did not fall and for some fans that disenfranchised him to the fans when he would appear to be pushing the ball when he should not have been pushing it so hard.

Picking between James and Jordan or even Johnson for the best player of all time is a challenge. However, one thing that has become fairly obvious to most people is the fact that it seems to be generational as to who they consider the best player. Some people who have been fans back in the 60’s and 70’s would consider the best player to be Wilt Chamberlain, but others think it is James. Now, for the newest player of all time it is being debated who is the best player of all time, but if history holds true it will be a new debate based off of the generation of incoming new players and no matter what it will all come down to the NBA picks in the draft as to who is going to have the best chance to win.

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