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  Youth Basketball Coaching

World of Basketball web site would like to invite all of you to promote Basketball, especially youth basketball. But, don't promote only basketball, promote sport at all, promote healthy way of living. The best way to promote Basketball is to support youth Basketball in every way. If you a coach in some club, start basketball school. Collect kids and teach them about good things.

If you are teacher in school (Physical Education or similar), teach kids about Basketball or any other sport. Tell them what good things kids can have if they join any sport. Give them all possible informations about sport, recreation, fun, free-time, friendship, but don't forget school. Being good athletes means, being good person, good student. As a good students they can have possibility for University scholarship, first step to good future.

Teach them from beggining to value positive things, to help each other, to respect friends. Teach them to team spirit. Teach them to be winners, but at same time, teach them to accept lose. It is very important for kids to understant that they can't be winners all the time. Sometimes you got to lose. They can be winners even if they lose, if they did 100% in everything they doing.

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Visit FIBA's Coaching Library and find many useful things to help you improve your coaching skills.

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