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Top 5 NBA All-Star Teams Of All Time

   Top 5 NBA All-Star Teams Of All Time

November 8, 2021

Originating in 1951, the NBA coaches have famously selected players from other teams to form a group of talented players to take part in the All-Star NBA weekend. This division of the NBA offers a unique opportunity to see different team dynamics and allow players to blow off some steam while bonding with players who are usually their opponents. Coaches aren’t allowed to select their own players, which is part of what makes it so interesting.

Some of the more iconic players throughout the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA) have often been named as All-Stars and taken part in this event. It’s a great chance for players to prove themselves and, in some cases, live up to their reputations. There are usually two teams split into divisions- Western and Eastern. The star-studded teams compete against each other in the conference. Thanks to the involvement of fantasy leagues and betting, people are beginning to make predictions about the future All-Star players. Accurate information and more detail can be found by looking at the NBA player future odds.

These are some top All-Star teams seen throughout the history of the NBA.

2016 West All-Stars

This year saw records being set thanks to the Western conference of All-Stars. The most points scored was an impressive 196 and the Air Canada center saw the most field goals attempted in a quarter. Kobe Bryant received an enormous 18 votes for the team, and the player is one of the reasons why this team was so monumental. Of course, underdogs like Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant carried the game for the most part. Bryant was, however, one of the reasons why TV coverage was so immense.

1987 West All-Stars

Another impressive combination saw gains for the western conference in 1987. With the record for the most free throws made by each team, it was certainly a highly energetic event. That year’s All-Star players included the LA Lakers’ Magic Johnson, Tom Chambers, James Worthy, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Those from the Golden State Warriors were Sleepy Floyd and Joe Barry Carroll. Not to mention the Dallas Mavericks’ own Rolando Blackman, and Mark Aguirre, and the San Antonio Spurs’ Alvin Robertson. An Addition from the Phoenix Suns was Walter Davis. Alex English was voted in from the Denver Nuggets, and the Houston Rockets’ Akeem Olajuwon. Coached by Pat Riley, this team was definitely a powerhouse.

2008 East All-Stars

A tight game saw the 2008 result by the skin of the East conference team’s teeth. Truly an intense game and with many on the edges of their seats, players were selected from the Miami Heats, Cleveland Cavaliers, and New Jersey Nets. Jason Kidd played an important role within this team as he brought a different perspective from the New Jersey Nets. Thanks to the Miami Heats, Dwayne Wade was also an essential part of the team. Not to mention the iconic LeBron James, whose reputation exceeds him. Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic and Kevin Garnett from the Boston Celtics completed this line-up and created a diverse, well-oiled machine of an All-Star team.

1966 East All-Stars

Another highly influential addition to the All-Star lineup was the 1966 East conference team. Huge gains were seen this year, and they defeated the Western lineup 137-94. MVP Adrian Smith led the team to victory, but other players who had a part to play included Wilt Chamberlain, John Havelick, Oscar Robertson, Chet Walker, Willis Reed, and Bill Russell.

1992 West All-Stars

This game was another effective combination of strength, power, speed, and team communication. The western conference team dominated the eastern team with a final score of 153-113. Iconic scenes occurred all-round for this weekend, and halftime shows featured the one and only Vanilla Ice. Magic Johnson, Clyde Drexler, Chris Mullin, Karl Malone, and David Robinson were the real stars of the show as they worked hard to secure those wins.

Coaches were previously the only ones who could vote in players to be part of the All-Star lineup, however, there is now the option for fans to make some selections of their favorite players or even those who they think would work well together. The All-Star games are much more interactive and heavily covered by the media, which means that the experience is a lot more interactive than it has been in the past. Thanks to video games and fantasy football leagues, more people are enjoying acting as sports team managers and putting players together or in different positions than they usually play at.

To conclude, the NBA has really allowed players to come into their own during these iconic weekends. It has encouraged coaches to appreciate the role that team dynamics play and the importance of assessing effective communication and respect. Certain personalities simply don’t get along, which is why a lot of coaches and managers work hard to decide which players go where.

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