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Top NBA Betting Tips for Real Money Wins

   The Top NBA Tips in Sports Betting

October 15, 2021

The LA Lakers did it for Kobe in a 19-20 season that was curtailed for a time by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the introduction of bubbles, it was possible to conclude the season and provide hope that the NBA could continue. At the start of the 2020-21 regular season, there’s everything to play for. It turns out that the Lakers aren’t quite so hot this time around, which could provide us all with fresh opportunities to use our top online sports betting tips in the NBA.

Utah Jazz

Where better start than with the Utah Jazz, who hold a 44-15 record in the Northwest Division at the time of writing. Utah’s record is currently in the NBA – not just the western conference. The Jazz are now a cornerstone of tipsters’ free NBA betting picks. By the middle of May, it’s expected that the Jazz will have cruised into the playoffs, which are scheduled to commence later in the month.

Looking at the numbers, the Jazz have been strong at home, winning 26 and losing three of their initial 29 games. Comparatively, they have won only 18 and lost 12 of their 30 road games. Already we can see a case for using spread betting when the Jazz are playing at home, as the standard odds for winning might be on the lower side compared to earlier in the season. However, you should still find reasonable what’s for backing the Jazz to win on the road.

Phoenix Suns

Coming up behind the Jazz are the Phoenix Suns, having won 8-2 of their last 10. Through 58 games, the Suns have won 42. Although level with the Clippers, the LA outfit has lost an additional three games. This gives the Suns an advantage if they can continue to rack up the wins. As one of the first three teams in the season to win more than 40 games, it would be a long shot to bet on them not qualifying for the playoffs.

Veteran point guard Chris Paul has made a tremendous impact on a young squad that’s finally drawing promise from former number one draft pick Deandre Ayton. If the positive contributions can continue coming from the likes of Cam Johnson, Mikal Bridges, Jae Crowder, and Frank Kaminsky, then the Suns could offer competitive odds come the playoffs, given their prior struggles.

Toronto Raptors

Unfortunately for Canadian basketball fans, it doesn’t seem as if this is a promising year for the Raptors. Having won the 2019 NBA Championship, the Toronto Raptors have since regressed. On a divisional basis, the Raptors are bottom of the Atlantic division at the time of writing, having only won only 25 of 59 games. However, the Raptors have shown signs of life, as evidenced by a four-game winning streak. Therefore, it could be profitable to back the raptors at the right time.

Canadian Sports Betting

For any sports fans living north of the border, there are ample opportunities to also bet on Canadian sports. Anyone seeking inspiration should know that these are popular competitions to bet on with Canadian online sportsbooks, including the NFL, NBA, NHL and much more.

The Best Tips for NBA Betting Online

Having highlighted some of the key teams, now’s the time to begin discussing several of the more accessible tips that can be integrated within your basketball betting strategy online. For any newbies, please remember to stay safe and take it easy when you first start to bet:

  • Bankroll management – Setting a budget for your daily, weekly, or monthly spending can be vital for sound bankroll management. You should also endeavor to record all of your spending, losses, and winnings;
  • Set targets – On a particular day or weekend, you should have a target for winnings. As an example, you would cease all activities once you have doubled your money. On the flip side, you would also stop betting for that day or weekend if you lose your assigned budget. Chasing losses and create a negative mindset and incur further losses;
  • Research all the time – You can never hope to place winning bets on the NBA without the form of the teams and the injury status of the key players. You can further study statistics regarding home and road form to identify standout opportunities. You can also compare the offensive and defensive numbers to determine who will triumph in key showdowns;
  • Moneyline betting can work for underdogs – For the less experienced bettors, a moneyline can be especially lucrative. And the best time to pounce one of these bets could be when a playoff contender goes on the road. No team wins every game in a season, after all;
  • Spread betting options – With a spread bet, points are added to the final total of the underdog while points are removed from the final total of the favorite. Ultimately, your aim will be to win the bet after the final modification has been to the score. Spread betting can be effective when you want to improve the odds of backing a favorite to win;
  • The Blowout System – Sports Insights has found that winning or losing by 15 or more points can impact the odds for a team’s next game. When a team wins by 15 points or more, Sports Insights found that teams only won with 10 or more points 42.5% of the time. Therefore, you can try betting against the spread in such instances.

While betting tips can help now and then, now tip or strategy is going to work all of the time. Please remember that there is an inherent risk of losing money when you gamble. As such you should wager as safely as possible and work within a defined money management system.

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