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Home - Keys to Better Defensive Teaching Part 2

  Keys to better Defensive teaching Part 2

Teaching Half Court Defense

Teaching Half Court Man Defense

Team Guidelines
1. Pick up Guards at half court.
2. No lay-ups.
3. Force ball to the sides and corners.
4. Don’t allow defense to swing the ball.
5. Stop all penetration.
6. Instruct players on specific defensive requirements for a game.
7. Teach players to block-out and hit the boards.
8. Decide how many players you want hitting the defensive boards.

Defensive Movement
Teach your players to always move in the direction the ball has taken by dribble or pass. Defensive movement allows your team to react to any drive or penetration by the offense and provides floor balance for rebounding.

Five on Two/Five on Three Defensive Positioning
On every defensive series you want to position your five defensive players in a position to react to any offensive set. All offensive sets position two or three players on one side of the floor, the defensive should match up and provide help-side defense with the remaining players.
Defensive Purpose
The main goal of your defense is to 1. Stop penetration 2. Keep the offense from scoring easy baskets 3. Force the offense to start their offense further out than they want to.

Team Communication
Its important that you teach your players to communicate on the defense, by your players can play an effective team defense. By communicating players can call out screens, help teammates that have been beaten and allows for the defending of screens.

Ball Positioning
1. When the ball is on the wing, force the ball down the sideline to the corners.
2.When the ball is on the wing, don’t allow ball reversal.
3. When the ball is in the hands of a guard allow the guard to guard pass but don’t allow guards to pass to wings or post.
4. When the ball is in the corner you can trap or play head up.
5. When the ball is in the post, double down and force the ball back out.
6. On pick and rolls defender shows on ball and withdraws when defensive player that was screened catches up to ball. You may also switch screens.

Transition Defense
Its important that coaches teach their players to get back on defense after made baskets or free throws. I teach players to sprint back to the paint and then recover their man. If a team walks the ball up ,I have the guards pick up at half court and the front court matches up.

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