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Home - Keys to Better Defensive Teaching

  Keys to better Defensive Teaching

Teaching Man /Man Defense - Part One

There are five factors that I use in developing a man to man defensive system, the first is the teaching of individual defensive skills, the second is teaching the defensive situations a player will encounter during the game, third is teaching defense by position, the fourth is defensive guidelines on playing the ball , the fifth guideline is teaching team defense  .These factors should be practiced in your defensive sessions of your training or as the situations come up during the season. In this article we will review the first two factors and review the next four in my next two articles.

Characteristics of a good Defensive Players

1.    They get back quickly from offense to defense.

2.    Deny long up court passes.

3.    Don’t attempt impossible steals.

4.    Don’t allow the offense to swing the ball.

5.    Are aggressive.

6.    Body check cutters

7.    Deny to the point of the ball.

8.    They extend the offense on entry passes.

9.    Contest all shots and block out.

Teaching Defensive Skills

There are six defensive skills that need to be reviewed with your players and practiced daily.

1.    Guarding a player with the ball in the open court.

2.    Guarding a player with the ball in a scoring area.

3.    How to deny the ball from a defender.

4.    How to defend the post

5.    Help side defense

6.    Defending screens.

Teaching Individual Defensive Skills

Teaching your players the proper stance, correct footwork and individual defensive technique is the first step in the teaching of man defense. Get your players to play with intensity, desire and have pride in their defense. Players need to be reminded that you don’t have to have great athletic talent to play defense, just learn the individual and team techniques and play with pride and desire.

The Defensive Stance

1.    Head up and eyes up.

2.    Knees bent.

3.    Head up and on the ball.

4.    Weight distributed on balls of feet.

5.    Keep your body balanced.

6.    Arms and fingers flexed



1.    Move foot to foot

2.    Stay in your stance

3.    Don’t  cross your feet

Hand and Arm Position

1.    Arms parallel from the body.

2.    Pressure the ball with the hands.

3.    If beaten try to knock the ball from behind.

4.    Arm in the Passing lane.

Pressuring the ball

Over play the following passes:

1.    Guard to guard

2.    Guard to Forward

3.    Forward to Guard

4.    Forward to Post

Man to Man Defensive Situations

1.    Defending the ball in the backcourt.

2.    Defending the ball in the frontcourt.

3.    Defending away from the ball in the backcourt.

4.    Defending away from ball in the frontcourt.

5.    Reading screens.


Individual Defensive Movement

All defenders must move in the direction of the ball or the dribble. Moving toward the ball allows the defense to stop.1. Stop penetration 2.Double team 3. Provided help side defense.

Guarding Specific Situations

1.    Horizontal/Vertical Screens.

2.    Shuffle /flex cuts.

3.    Back picks

4.    Pick and rolls.

5.    Flash cuts.

6.    Back doors.

7.    Double screens.

8.    Pick the picker.

9.    Post screens.

10. High post splits.

11. Weak side exchanges

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