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Home - Telge still on top of things in Damligan

  Telge still on top of things in Damligan

January 14, 2010

cleopatra forsmanThe young Telge team still leads the pack in the Swedish women´s basketball league, Damligan. With an age average as low as 17, they only have suffered one loss in their 14 games. With six games to go, their chance to top the table in the regular season seems very good.

They have surprised everyone
Telges performance so far has surprised everyone. Coming into the season, they lost several of their starters, including top players Louice Halvarsson (Spartak Moscow), Stefanie Yderström (University of Miami) and Hanna Bouldwin (Arras, France). They, however, managed to recruit young center star and Swedish youth international, Amanda Zahui (born 1993), and filled the rest of their rosters with young players from the club´s own organization. Once again lead by coach Benny Johansson they were predicted to make it to the playoffs, but one saw them as a potential team in the finals. If they get there remains to be seen, but they already have beaten main rivals Solna and 08 Stockholm and shown that they fear no one.

The style of play
Telge plays a freelance type of offense, in which their well educated players can take advantage of their individual skills. They play with great ball movement, powerful drives, strong cuts and with intensity on the boards. A highly contributing factor to their success is the team´s rebounding, which is the best in the league. Another important thing is that the key players have played together for many years, a valuable asset in their offensive play. In defense, Telge is a man to man oriented team. They stick to their basic defense, executing it perfectly, mainly thanks to the fysical fitness of all players.

Key players
The team´s leading player is captain Cleopatra Forsman, last years MVP in the WU 18 European Championships. Drives, executed with exceptional change of pace, is her trademark on court, but she has good all-round skills in both ends. Forsman (19 points/8 rebounds) however, has to improve her shooting skills in order to become an international star. The team captain is backed up mainly by Binta Drammeh, Sally Kabengano, Amanda Zahui and Frida Fogdemark. Drammeh is the Telge-player that has improved most in the last year. She is the team´s leading rebounder with 9 per game and averages 16 points. Kabengano is a key player in the team. She is not a leading scorer, but has an excellent understanding of the game combined with great shooting. Kabengano leads the league in both 3-point percentage (56,5) and assists (4,6). Zahui (190 cm) contributes with power on the boards (9 rebs./game) as well as scoring (15) and has proven herself a good replacement for Halvarsson. Last but not least, forward Frida Fogdemark (185) is an excellent all-round player with great shooting. She averages 10 points, making Telge, along with Luleå, the only team with 5 players scoring in double digits.

Most likely, the 8 teams that will qualify for the quarter-final round in March are
- Telge
- Solna
- 08 Stockholm
- Sundsvall
- Norrköping
- Luleå
- Mark
- Sallén
The quarterfinals are played in two groups, with the top four teams in one (A), and the rest in another(B). The last placed team in the A group will then play the best team in the B group in a best of three series, to decide the fourth team in the semifinals.
Brahe will most likely stay in the bottom of the table, and together with one of the remaining teams; Eos, Visby and Umeå, have to play a qualification series with two teams from Division 1, in order to stay in Damligan. The struggle to avoid the qualification series will be hard. At present, Eos has 4 wins, Visby and Umeå 3.

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