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Home - The Highlights of the NBA Trade Deadline

  The Highlights of the NBA Trade Deadline

nba logoFebruary 18th was the trade deadline in the NBA. Some of the activity that happened leads people to question the payroll rules that are in place in the NBA. Due to their salary cap rules the salaries in any trade have to match up and not put anyone over the salary maximum. It is because of these restrictions some unusual scenarios unfolded at the deadline. The first trade I’d like to look at is the Cavaliers-Wizards-Clippers trade.

Cavaliers get:
Antawn Jamison
Sebastian Telfair

Wizards get:
2010 Caviliers 1st round draft choice
Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Emir Preldzic
Al Thornton

Clippers get:
Drew Gooden

The Wizards are a franchise now ravaged by the Gilbert Arenas scandal and are in restart mode. In addition to Jamison, they also traded away key veterans Karon Butler and Brendan Haywood to Dallas. However, they got little to no immediate value in this trade since they cut Ilgauskas immediately after the trade was official. He is now free to sign with any team, the assumption being that he will resign with the Cavaliers as soon as league rules allow him to which is 30 days. By doing this, the Wizards will pay his salary this year, but will not have to pay any of the salaries for Ilgauskas, Telfair and Jamison beyond this year. The Wizards moves are bizarre on paper, but are necessary to manipulate the system to free up salary cap space for next year.

The Chicago Bulls moves are more questionable. Their goal to was to free up salary cap space as well. The Bulls trades are:

Bulls get:
Ronald Murray
Acie Law

Conditional Bobcats 1st round draft choice

Bobcats get:
Tyrus Thomas


Bulls get:
Hakim Warrick
Joe Alexander

Bucks get:
John Salmons
2011 Bulls 2nd round draft choice
2012 Bulls 2nd round draft choice
(both draft choices will be exchanged for Chicago’s 2010 1st round choice if it is between the 11th and 30th picks in the 1st round)

The Bulls trades are more confusing since they themselves are currently in the playoff position in the Eastern Conference, yet they are still dumping salary to position themselves better this off-season. Making it even crazier is the fact that Charlotte and Milwaukee, their trade partners, are in direct competition with the Bulls for the last playoff spots in the Eastern Conference. Since the trades the Bulls have fallen from 6th to 9th in the Eastern Conference standings and would not qualify for the playoffs if they started today, while Charlotte and Milwaukee would.

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