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Home - The importance of the triple danger position

  The importance of the triple danger position

By Dejan Rodic http://www.dejanrodic.com

All coaches agree about the importance of the triple danger position, especially in the younger categories (picture 1 and picture 1 from the side).

From this position we can decide to take a shot (picture 2),

to pass (picture 3)

or to drive to the basket (picture 4). In the following lines the focus will be on the above mentioned theme; I will also take notice of the biggest and crucial mistake young players do in this category of the game.

We actually put a lot of attention to this on the training, because this position is a good starting point for the development of the players and the game itself. But nevertheless, I would like to expose one of the crucial mistakes at executing this move. At the previous seminars I noticed how the players (demonstrators) have actually already mastered this position. They do not have problems with positioning or crossing to the chosen resolution; the problems occur in the conclusion…

In feet positioning our centre of gravity or balance is the most important. This is achieved by a good (I would use the term firm) positioning. As you can see in the picture (picture 5) it is very important to stand on the whole foot. This is where our explosiveness and good balance occur. It also brings good and efficient conclusions.

The problem occurs when the players try to dribble the opponent from this position of triple danger with the additional double-cross, such as taking a shot, passing, driving to the basket… It often occurs that they lose control of the balance in the given moment (picture 6) which leads to a deficient conclusion. 

On the seminars these boys enjoy their five minutes of glory, they are observed by many coaches, each of them would like to leave a good impression… But this mostly leaves the impression of a basketball sniper. It has become almost a rule that they miss a lot of shots although they have a free shot. Why? Poor balance!!!!

For a better progress of your players, try this at practice. Try both variants at receiving the ball (picture 5 and 6) and in the continuance (shot, pass, driving to the basket) and you will see an obvious difference yourself.

In the following weeks new segments of the Coach´s board column will continue. We will take a more detailed look at the individual possible continuations from the position of triple danger.

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